Trump Won’t Condemn Russia Over Poisoning Case

Trump Won’t Condemn Russia Over Poisoning Case

CNN reports:

“It is interesting that everybody is always mentioning Russia,” Trump said to a reporter when asked about the Navalny poisoning, “and I don’t mind you mentioning Russia, but I think probably China at this point is a nation that you should be talking about much more so than Russia, because the things that China is doing are far worse, if you take a look at what’s happening with the world.”


4 thoughts on “Trump Won’t Condemn Russia Over Poisoning Case

  1. Scottie, it is obvious Putin and Trump have some kind of relationship. Putin either has compromising information on Trump, Trump invited him in to help win, there is some financial tie, or some of the each. Regardless of which, it is a national security risk. The GOP led Senate Intelligence committee confirmed the Mueller report saying there was recurring tie between Manafort and a Russian agent. Trump has still not said boo about the Putin bounty on US soldiers with the Taliban (other than he did not know or it was not credible). Finally, not only has he done nothing about Russian election interference, he has done his darnedest to make people doubt the veracity of the process.

    These are huge why questions that need to be answered, in my view. Keith

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    1. Hello Keith. Well said, well said. I see it, you see it, the media is reporting on it, and yet it doesn’t touch some people and those Republicans in congress who once were super anti-Russia are totally silent and now complicit about all of it. If you try to show all this to his cult it is all fake news and a conspiracy against the Dear Leader. I am super tired of the gaslighting and lies. Hugs

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      1. My other-half went on a rant yesterday about “the Democrats.” I didn’t hear most of what he said because he was standing by and talking to the window (🙃), but what did stand out to me is that he was condemning a party that isn’t even in control! But this is the mindset of others like him. They are hardset in the support of their “favored party” and are deaf and blind to what’s truly going on.

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        1. Hello Nan. That is why I think most of them can not be reached or reasoned with, and we must simply let them slide slowly in decline. We, the majority, must make sure not to accommodate them, we must not let them have power, we must remove any that are in power now. The 65% of the country that is willing to move forward to the future need to take control and move to that goal for everyone, not just a select few. This is why I oppose the idea that the Democrats need to move rightward to entice or reach those people. No they need to get with the times, this is not 1950 nor 1850, which seem to be where most of these people want us to return to. Hugs

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