USPS Police Block Dem Rep From Scheduled Visit

USPS Police Block Dem Rep From Scheduled Visit

6 thoughts on “USPS Police Block Dem Rep From Scheduled Visit

  1. Nan September 6, 2020 / 12:51

    Not only what is he hiding … but what was the actual reason he gave for keeping her out? The P.O. may not be “government run,” but HE is a presidential appointee, so the government IS involved.

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    • Scottie September 7, 2020 / 07:58

      Hello Nan. Plus she is a member of a co-equal branch of the government. But tRump has neutered the legislative branch of the government, stopped all checks and balances, and is declaring himself a ruler, a king. In Cohen’s book he talks about how tRump declares his admiration of Putin and how he managed to take over an entire country and make it his own private company. That is what tRump has decided to do here. This will be the last change to stop him from doing that or we will end up just like Republic of Belarus. A horrible situation where the people tried to use democracy to get rid of a long time entrenched ruler, and he simply wont leave office and is using brutal force and all the levers of government to stay in power. Hugs

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      • Nan September 7, 2020 / 11:53

        It’s difficult to “like” your comment because, although I do agree with you, I don’t like the content of it.

        I keep telling myself that MAYBE it isn’t as bad as it seems … that the news media is just pointing out all these things to increase their bottom line. But even if only part of it is true, it’s still scary as hell! Sometimes it crosses my mind that maybe we should start mentally preparing ourselves for what we dread.

        PLEASE! Don’t take this as me giving up … we MUST continue the fight! But …

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        • Scottie September 7, 2020 / 16:03

          Hello Nan. Please never feel you must like a post or comment. I only like comments or post if I agree with them / parts of them. I often find others have ideas on subjects that I missed or did not see.

          I think the situation is even worse than the media is pointing out. With the capitulation and even enthusiastic support of elected Republicans for this racist bigoted religious driven agenda of the fascist government I wonder if we are already past the tipping point of losing our democracy. I watch / read a lot of news and the way these groups have managed to worm their way into our government sabotaging every attempt to expand and increase democracy is chilling.

          I have to give the religious groups credit, I seen first hand how they took over the school board in W.P.B. They hid their intentions while directing their church members to vote them in, and most people ignore local elections. Then they made a hard attempt to sabotage and stop any science and history based education policy and instead forced religion into the public curriculum. That has happened in our government as well.

          What we have to understand is that special interest groups are dedicated to taking the long path to get their way. They are using our very own democratic institutions against us. We need to do that also.

          I have heard for years that the right votes on the idea of replacing the SCOTUS justices, and the left does not. Well the left better this election. Hugs

          OT. I am going to put this here as I don’t want to make a separate post on it. I had to spend most of today in bed as my blood pressure was in the high extreme danger range. Ron was about to take me to the E.R. I have been trying to get my medical doctor to deal with it as the last thing we need is me having a stroke. He has changed my medication a couple weeks ago but instead of making it better his nurse admits that he did not understand how I was taking the medication he prescribed and while claiming to be increasing it simply changed it from twice a day to once once a day. This morning I was 184 / 98 which is really dangerous. Ron had me laying down most of the morning while monitoring my pressure every 15 minutes. I am now taking my pressure every hour today and if it stays like this tomorrow I will be sending the readings to the nurse. Right now they have me sending them in every two weeks, but this is getting too much, and with my other medical problems we don’t need this. Hugs


          • Nan September 7, 2020 / 16:45

            SHIVER That’s sound awful, Scottie! Your blood pressure, that is. Do they know why it gets so high? I know BP readings can be devious at times and the reasons for it being elevated aren’t always obvious. Nevertheless, high readings are pretty much always dangerous so definitely, definitely followup with your doc.

            As for the political part of your comment … yes. Absolutely.

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            • Scottie September 8, 2020 / 03:59

              Hello Nan. Not sure why it is so high, but pain can raise it. I just took my blood pressure at 3:30 AM, 145 / 88. About a two months ago we noticed it was raising, so kept check, sent the numbers for two weeks to the doctor. He increased on of my medications but it doesn’t seem to be working. Yesterday was the highest it had gone. But Ron looked it up and I am barely on the starting does of one of the meds and it can be increased if the doctor wants to do so. Hugs

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