2 thoughts on “WH To Feds: Cancel All Racial Sensitivity Training

  1. Keith September 6, 2020 / 08:43

    Scottie, there has never been any doubt. This is just one more shoe to drop. Keith

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    • Scottie September 6, 2020 / 09:52

      Hello Kieth. I wonder if department heads will slow walk any reform? I am glad this can be undone and much of it is based in laws against discrimination so will be harder to simply cancel. But I think the racists in government are going to take advantage of this to harass and harm POC co-workers. Hard to understand how racist this administration is. His cult base loves it. And now they are proud of their race hate. You live in a former slave state, and one known for past racism, how is this playing where you live? Hugs


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