Florida Sheriff’s Office Punishes Deputy for Challenging Admins’ Proselytizing

Again Christian’s forcing their religion on others.   They do not respect anyone else’s religious beliefs, but insist on claiming extra special rights for their own beliefs.   I fear these people may get their way and the US will become more of a theocracy than it is.   Hugs

Florida Sheriff’s Office Punishes Deputy for Challenging Admins’ Proselytizing

But Harker’s letter was a problem in and of itself because it was peppered with Bible verses and Christian language. He even told the staff to “do as Scripture teaches.” Whether that was proselytizing is up for debate. Still, Harker’s Christianity was permitted in a way that would never be allowed for any other religion.

“I don’t want to be influenced any longer by this administration’s religious beliefs and religious fanaticism. I should not be forced to make quick, life and death decisions and possibly take away someone’s freedom based on biblical scriptures,” Holt wrote. “The thoughts that keep me up at night are ones that involve how I will conduct my lawful duties when I must juggle the U.S. Constitution, U.S. Bill of Rights, state statutes, Sheriff’s Office policies and now the Holy Bible.”

But in true Christian Nationalist form, Holt — the whistleblower, not the guy breaking the law — has been punished.

According to the Northwest Florida Daily News, Holt was “placed on paid administrative leave while an internal investigation is conducted related to his response.” By basically “replying all” to that email instead of privately raising his concerns to a boss who thinks law enforcement is a place to broadcast his religion, Holt violated department policy. He also raised a series of additional concerns with how the office is run — legitimate concerns that ought to be addressed.

But there’s been no public response to the problems raised by Holt. Not yet. After 25 years on the force, Holt is in trouble while the Christians running the place continue feeling justified in pushing their religion on everyone else.

There is more at the link above including more quotes from Holt’s letter.   Hugs

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