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    • Hello Nan. I did not realize you were having fires also. I should have figured it because of how close the two states are. Keep me informed how it is going.

      Sending you an email. Hugs


    • Hello Jules bercy. What is going on. You liked a bunch of posts with in seconds, which makes me think this is a bot. Or such. There is no way you read or watched the videos and liked them in that time. I have gone to your link and it has only one post. I traced that link back to its source, again not having much to do with anything you liked. If you want to interact with my Toy Box great, but next time do so with comments that can be answered. Hugs


        • Hello Nan. No I got like 20 likes in as many seconds. Then this emoji. I went to the linked site and it has only one post. I then followed that to another site which had good information, but I gave up following it. To busy today. I am sure it is a bot. So how are you? Ron got another chip in the windshield of the car on his trip. The first trip up there he got a huge crack from a truck thrown stone which took a week to get fixed due to all the electronics in the windshield and sensor system. He says this one is not so bad so he can come home with out replacing it, but it is in the center of the driving view. A design flaw of the car that road debris seem to head right for the windshield. Hugs


          • Very strange …

            I’m doing fine … just can’t venture outside for more than a couple of minutes due to all the heavy smoke. Earlier today I went to get our mail (the mailbox is down the street a short distance) and by the time I got back, I could really tell I was breathing smoke. UGH!

            At one time I heard of an outfit that could repair rock cracks without removing and redoing the entire windshield. Don’t know if such a business still exists, but it might be worth looking into. Of course if insurance pays for the replacement, it might not be worth it to you.

            Hope you are doing OK. Don’t overdo!!

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            • Hello Nan. Boy you are channeling Ron, the last thing he said as we were talking a few minutes ago was please do not over do, leave it until I get home. 😀😃

              Sorry about the smoke. I have only had a few times in my life where I had to breathe in smoke and I remember how it burns and feels so bad in your mouth. How soon until things change in your favor? I really can not understand mentally the amount of fires, how huge they are, how many people are homeless. I think it is the same with most of the US. Hurricane damage is localized, tornadoes are localized, but these wide spread fires are states too big to understand. Hugs

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              • No idea when things will improve. So few of the big fires are under any kind of control. There’s a slight chance of rain in our area around the middle of next week, but IF it arrives at all, it probably won’t be enough to help the fire situation.

                As you know, I don’t follow Twitter (I just check in once-in-awhile) so I’m wondering if the Fat Boy has said anything about the West Coast fires. Or is he too busy boasting and bragging to even notice?

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                • Hello Nan. The only thing I read was a while ago when he was saying the federal government wouldn’t offer any help to California. No mention of the other states.

                  As for the windshield our insurance covers the replacement. Last time he had it done up there, this time he will wait until he gets home as it is not so bad as before. There is so many electronics in the windshield and mirror that it has to be calibrated after the replacement. Hugs

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  • Possibly your own excellent fire-fighters might like to share experiences with Australia … they gained some expertise a few months ago, and would (I’m sure) be happy to share expertise and ideas.

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