3 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Trump, $100 million, and transactions….

    • Scottie September 9, 2020 / 18:41

      Hello Jill. Thank you. I wish I had the ability to hold such information in my mind and then to convey it. So often my mind is a hailstorm of thoughts it is hard to focus. But you also have that amazing ability. That is why your blog / writing is so important and such a great read. It is not only informative but done in a way that people can understand, and even if disagreed with can not denied the truth of. Hugs

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      • jilldennison September 10, 2020 / 02:43

        Thank YOU, Scottie! You have made my day, reminded me why I do what I do, and made me feel that in some small way my work is worthwhile. In truth, though, I have no special ability … I just get so darned angry that my fingers take on a life of their own, fly across the keyboard, and before I know it, I have 1200 words or so written! Jeff and I will be re-starting our project this Friday with a post relating to 9/11 … our hope is to inspire and motivate those who are still undecided. Sigh. I only wish we reached more of the people who need to hear what we have to say! Big HUGS!!!

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