Militia Fires Paintballs At Oregon BLM Protesters

This is tRump’s US, where people using their constitutional right to protest are threatened, rushed, intimidates, beaten, humiliated, and pepper sprayed by right wing thugs acting as brown shirts for tRump.    Also note that the police ask and request the proud boys and other right wing gang members to go back to their area where they were to be before they rushed the BLM people.  Where was the rubber bullets and gas used on the black lives matter people, but not used here on a gang of thugs.   This is clearly police sanctioned violence against a group of people.  Is this democracy?   They want to scare the BLM people into not demonstrating, but what will happen instead is both sides will arm up now, and both sides will use weapons and gas on each other.   People will be hurt and maimed just because police are protecting their power to kill and mistreat a segment of the population.   This is what the police are protecting for them selves, the right to be violent racists.   Hugs

Militia Fires Paintballs At Oregon BLM Protesters

The Associated Press reports:

Vehicles waving flags for Trump, the QAnon conspiracy theory and in support of police gathered about noon at Clackamas Community College in Oregon City. Members of the right-wing group the Proud Boys went on to Salem, where a crowd of several dozen pro-Trump supporters had gathered.

At one point Monday afternoon, the right-wing crowd rushed a smaller group of Black Lives Matters counter-demonstrators, firing paint-gun pellets at them. There were skirmishes, and the Black Lives Matter group dispersed shortly after local police arrived on the scene.

*** Update ***  The police did rush in to help one BLM person who was alone and attacked by the right wing gang.   

2 thoughts on “Militia Fires Paintballs At Oregon BLM Protesters

  1. Nan September 8, 2020 / 14:22

    And Trump sits with Twitter in hand as he cackles with glee and gets ready to post his praise and adoration for his devoted followers.

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    • Scottie September 8, 2020 / 15:50

      Hello Nan. Yes the newly minted law and order president. I watched these videos sickened. The mob of thugs attacking single people using multiple people on one person enforcing mob rule is not what I ever wanted my country to be. Last year I watched and I think posted an 80 + year old man attacked by a group of young guys as he was getting in his car after grocery shopping. The guys were trying to steal his car. They did not talk to the man or demand anything from him, they simply attacked as a pack, hitting and kicking before the man was able to even respond. I think there was four or maybe five of the attackers. They were vicious, their goal was his car and they simply did not care how badly they hurt him to get it. These maga loving right wing gang thugs are the same way. I see them as predatory enforcers. We have to get this stopped or we lose what the US really is, and it will destroy the country.

      OT / not really. I carried a gun for many years for a living. Ron also had a concealed carry for a period of time. I know many people who had been anti gun who are now seriously considering buy a gun for protection, thinking they will be attacked. I keep telling them what a bad idea that is. Unless you are willing to train with it, study and understand the laws, and be willing to accept the consequences of using it, don’t get one and don’t carry it. A gun is not magic, but it can be tragic. So far I have talked Ron out of getting one. I worry the news will make him think he and I are in more danger than we really are. Already we have an asshole driving his golf cart around our development with a large confederate battle flag flying off the back. This place has racists and I am sure anti-LGBTQ people here. In the past when I was on the homeowners board I ran into them but they were older people who simply were toothless angry at the gays. Ron and I basically have not had much to do with the community for the last 10 years, and we don’t use the facilities nor go to the functions. Ron never did care much for it and I simply can not do much of that anymore. So far no one has said anything to Ron or I but we have been here since 2004 and we don’t have much contact with the others here any more. This is Southern Florida. Time will tell. Hugs

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