4 thoughts on “The Eviction Crisis Begins, Houston Hit Hard

  1. Dennis Cole September 8, 2020 / 12:20

    Scottie – this is the absolute ZENITH of cruelty. The current CDC regs regarding evictions are mostly toothless, and act in regard mainly to those living in gov’t-sponsored housing, and not the private sector. All it does is prevent landlords from evicting for non-payment, if it can be proven by the tenants that the Virus has caused an economic hardship. They can, and have been, and will continue doing so for all the other reasons, and some landlords have been sneaking into their tenant’s dwellings while they’re gone, and trashing the place, using that for an excuse to evict. Other landlords claim that “bad behavior,” like loud music, raucous parties, etc are the basis for evicting, even if the claims are spurious.

    And these problems of joblessness and homelessness will continue compounding, until there AREN’T any tenants left, and the landlords themselves go into Foreclosure.

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    • Scottie September 8, 2020 / 12:29

      Hello Dennis. You have a great point. As Anna says in the video who are the landlords going to rent these apartments out to? There are going to be a lot of empty apartments. You know many countries in Europe did not have this problem. Instead of giving huge sums from the public treasury to large companies to just buy stock and keep themselves going, these countries paid the wages of the workers. That way the workers could keep paying their bills, and buying food. Their economies took a hit but kept going and there was no huge disruption. But the Republicans in congress would rather see Hooverville tent cities of displaced and homeless people than give a cent to workers and poor people. Republicans are terrified that regular people will realize the government actually can work and serve them also, not just the wealthy. We the people need to take this country back while we still have a country worth saving. Be well. Hugs


  2. Nan September 8, 2020 / 14:38

    SAD. No very sad. And yet the millionaires and billionaires sit on the decks of their luxury cruises, sipping expensive champagne, and enjoying the tropical weather while listening to the gentle lapping of the water against their yacht … never once giving thought to ANY of these people.

    After all, they’re just low-life human beings. Right?

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    • Scottie September 8, 2020 / 16:10

      Hello Nan. Well said. Those same wealthy people seem to own the US and the Republicans in the US congress. They seem terrified that the average person, the workers and lower incomes will see that the government really can do something for them, can work for them. That those lower incomes may come to expect it like in all the other advanced countries in the world. So the wealthy are demanding the Republicans in congress do nothing to help the lower incomes. It is a two class system in the US now, a wealthy well off upper privileged class and an under class working to serve the upper class, and then those now are unable to serve the upper class who are simply below notice and allowed to suffer and die. Think of the India model of class structure. The sad thing is most of the people in India have been conditioned to think if they are in the lower classes that they deserve it. That cosigning their children to it also is OK.

      Moscow Mitch is trying to force his Republican members to support a skinny bill they hope will convince the US lower income people they are trying to help them but doesn’t really include anything to help them. His own party is in revolt. But is refusing to even consider anything that really will help the people. His own party will fail at the voting box but it is more important for the wealthy not to give anything to the lower class as they simply think they have the election rigged and tRump and Republicans can not lose. I am worried at this point. I follow international news and the situation in the Republic of Belarus is what I fear will happen here. Hugs


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