Report: Sturgis Motorcycle Rally May Have Caused Over 250,000 Coronavirus Cases

The report estimated that the rally generated about $12.2 billion in public health costs, which is based on the statistical cost of a COVID-19 case.

Over 400,000 motorcycle enthusiasts gathered for the annual rally from Aug. 7-16, and it was reported that social distancing and mask wearing at some of the events was not observed.

The rally was officially linked to hundreds of coronavirus cases across more than 10 states and at least one death. But the study that relied on cell phone data to track movements estimates that over 250,000 reported coronavirus cases from August 2 to September 2 are due to the rally – nearly 20% of the national cases during that time period, according to Andrew Friedson, one of the authors of the report.

Counties with the highest numbers of rally attendees had roughly a 7-12% increase in cases when compared to counties without rally goers, according to the report from the IZA Institute of Labor Economics, an independent economic research group.

Cases in the rally’s home county of Meade increased by approximately 6 to 7 cases per 1,000 people roughly a month after the rally started, the report found.

It also found that the rally generated about $12.2 billion in public health costs, which is based on the statistical cost of a COVID-19 case. This amount would have been enough to pay each rally goer over $26,000 not to attend, the report said.

There is more at the link above.   These selfish stubborn science denying people who can only see their own wants are keeping the rest of us from being able to stop these spread of the virus and causing death and sickness where ever they go.    Hugs

12 thoughts on “Report: Sturgis Motorcycle Rally May Have Caused Over 250,000 Coronavirus Cases

    • Hello Polly. Thank you for the reblog. They were warned what would happen. They did not care who they hurt. The governor and the mayor deny the science and the precautions about the virus. Also the elected officials simply don’t care about the health of the people, they need and desire that revenue from the event. Money and profit over the health of the people. Hugs


    • Hello Keith. The governor has been very vocal about her denial of the science and her dismissing of even these cases. It interferes with the income generated from the event and the economy and so it must not be real. These Republican governors are doing what tRump does, deny reality if you don’t agree with it. Gaslight the people to get what you want. And the maga people allow it. Hugs


      • Scottie, denying thr truth means more people at risk. Per Bob Woodward’s interview with Trump, he knew of the risk and misled the American people. We must count on people in leadership positions to lead, not put people at risk. Keith

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        • Hello Keith. Yet that is the very reason we have people in leadership positions. We vote the elected officials into office to protect the people yet time after time they protect their political interests, the interests of the wealthy donors over the needs of the people, and enrich themselves and their donors.

          Yes Keith I agree with you denying the truth means more people will die. But that is what every Republican governor who follows tRump is doing. They are denying truth / reality to please tRump / wealthy donors / and jump start the economy that keeps them wealthy with the deaths of the rest of us.

          Keith you keep saying we must count on people in leadership to lead. They clearly are not doing that for the people, only the wealthy. Really they are leading the rest of us to sickness and death, heard immunity which is used by farmers on livestock.

          So Keith what do you suggest? What actions do you want to take? I am posting as much and as fast as my health allows. I follow your blog and read where you write letters to the editors of newspapers and write / call congresspersons, but you couch it in soft terms. The fact is we need to call it what it is now. The US has been taken over by an authoritarian with support from an enemy foreign power with support of the Republican party in the US. They are using their base thugs to enforce vigilante justice on any who oppose the ruling party , which is tRump. We are fighting for the US democracy in the next two months, and the three months of transition.


  • Putting aside the fact that they are a bunch of self-centered, ignorant Trump supporters …

    It’s actions like this (along with the parties and beach events and school openings) that will extend the effects of this virus for many, many more months, which means those of us who are trying to STOP its spread by following medical advice will be forced to continue living in far less-than-desirable conditions — unable to go and do the things we enjoy while the King of Ignoramuses continues to encourage “freedom of choice.”

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    • Hello Nan. It is a back door attempt to create herd immunity for a virus that scientists are not sure herd immunity can be achieved. The idea is to let the virus run rampant through the population. The lower incomes who can not protect themselves, the vulnerable and weakened will die. The rest will come out with immunity and can get back to “normal”, what ever normal turns out to be. It is designed to work for the well off who can not only minimize their risk but also have the best medical treatment if they do get it. The idea is to protect the wealthy and income of the wealthy. As the name suggests it comes from letting something run through your herd animals so the surviving ones wont be susceptible and if you took a 15 % loss it was OK. Think of what a 15% loss of life in the US would look like. We have 336 million people. But the upper wealthy class do not care. They freaked when they took such a hit on their incomes with the first shut down. tRump has lost millions personally due to people not being able to come to his resorts and gold clubs. He dropped 39 places on the Forbes list. tRump brags about the stock market but I spent some time looking into that. Turns out it is a very few companies keep it up even with all the effort of the fed. Most companies on the stock exchange are in trouble. The wealthy upper class is desperate to get all of us back to moving the economy because it turns out we are the movers of money, not them. It is us buying and selling, and using credit that makes the money flow and the economy work, making them their money.

      So they simply don’t care how many millions of us die as long as the money flows. It is like the Dune movie where the powerful engineer a bunch of genocide simply to keep a supply of a commodity the upper class needs flowing. Hugs


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