Trump Orders His Frenzied Crowd to Act as ‘Poll Watchers’ on Election Day

It used to be unthinkable that a U.S. president would effectively encourage voter intimidation at the polls—but no longer. In an extraordinary call to action at his North Carolina rally Tuesday, President Donald Trump urged his supporters to gather at polling places in November and take it upon themselves to monitor the election. Whipping his fans up into a frenzy with baseless fear-mongering, he warned them to expect “thieving, and stealing and robbing” at the polls. “Watch it. Be poll watchers when you go there. Watch all the thieving and stealing and robbing they do. Because this is important. We win North Carolina, we win,” said the president. Trump has spent months trying to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the election in an apparent attempt to prepare for a defeat or a legal fight in the event of a close result.

4 thoughts on “Trump Orders His Frenzied Crowd to Act as ‘Poll Watchers’ on Election Day

  1. TheChattyIntrovert September 9, 2020 / 23:26

    Yeah, I’m already feeling the intimidation tactics. Every half mile (on county roads out here and it’s near 10 miles to town), there are yards with Dump flags (funny how the yard signs say Trump/Pence but the flags only say Trump…hmm…). Big old flags, or the staked signs next to the mailboxes.

    I’m freaking voting regardless, obviously. I’m just hoping all the folks around me that don’t have the flags or signs are just quiet Biden supporters who don’t wanna tip their hands til election day… but with the folks around me, that’s more than likely a fantasy.

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    • Scottie September 10, 2020 / 10:35

      Hello Chatty Introvert. Yes it is intimidation that Biden supporters don’t feel safe putting up their own flags and signs. It is the same tactic used by the right wing groups on LGBTQ+ people and their flags and symbols. If displayed the homes or cars would be vandalized, but home and cars with Christian symbols / right wing symbols are not harmed. So you know who was doing it, and they are proud of themselves. These people think acting this way makes them superior. They are wrong, it makes them thugs. Hugs

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      • Nan September 10, 2020 / 13:59

        Hmmmm. I wonder what would happen if someone was flying a “Christian” flag next to a Biden flag …

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