Trump Supporters Violently Attack Black Lives Matter Supporters

In my last post on this I showed an update on the police moving in to “arrest” the attacking gang of thugs.   I was wrong.   The police detained them only long enough to get video making it look good for them, then released the gang members.   It seems the police are infiltrated deeply by the white supremacist thugs and will not listen to the civilian elected authorities.    Hugs.

2 thoughts on “Trump Supporters Violently Attack Black Lives Matter Supporters

  • Scottie, we need an adult lifeguard, the best candidate would normally be the president, to tell people to cut the crap and get out of the pool. Yet, we have a president who condones and empowers people to take the law into their own hands.

    As for those few causing havoc who claim to be part of the progressive movement, VIOLENCE IS NOT THE ANSWER. The people wreaking havoc doing make the news, defacing the very civil majority of protestors.

    What I detest most about politics is politicians who make out complex problems with either/ or solutions. Black Lives Matter needs to coexist with better and fair policing. They are not at odds with each other.

    The police have a hard job, but they must police themselves and get rid of folks who routinely are criticized for wrongfully handling situations. To believe that there are not bad apples in the police force sympathetic to white nationalism is naive. Just study history as to why Jim Crow lasted so long. They give the good apples a bad name.

    The last thing we need is a president with a gasoline can trying to get elected by stoking racial fires. Solving a problem is secondary to him making himself look tough. He has to feed that false bravado image. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. Did you read the article and watch the videos? It was tRump thugs, not progressives, who were attacking and causing problems. In most cases of real damage such as the arson and destruction of stores it was right wing agitators doing it, that was in a study by the FBI.

      I agree we need the police to police themselves, but the problem is they are not only refusing to do it, they are fight any attempts to make them. Today I posted how the police forces in California managed to kill most of the police reforms including one requiring other officers to step in if excessive force was being used by a fellow member. Also they killed more open reviews, civilian over site, and a bunch of other stuff.

      The police forces all over the country are fighting for the right to keep abusing and killing people of color and using their authority to terrorize the people they occupy. Because that is what policing has gotten to now, the police are an occupying army over the lower income / poor working class to maintain the status for the upper wealthy class. Think of what the police have managed to do with their unions, they have taken all authority over them and their conduct away from the civilian authorities. Even the military is under civilian control.

      The number of times a police officer is fired for cause that they are them rewarded their jobs back due to union actions is stunning. Police depend on being basically immune from any accountability.

      Maybe I posted it before you started reading my blog, but the number of white supremacist is actually quite high. These racist groups have been working to infiltrate and affiliate with police for decades.

      Police do not have a hard job. Most of it is mundane. It is not even that dangerous, especially now that police are so military geared up.

      Modern police think the worst unwritten law you can break is to not instantly obey them. They have such an authoritarian complex that they think any disobedience or disrespect must be slammed down violently. Again they act like an occupying force rather than to protect and serve. Especially when they let proud boys thugs go after watching them assault a small guy, and bash another guy. I know you may not think the comparison is correct but I compare these right wing white national supremacist groups to Hitlers brown shirts. They are his enforcers and he has bragged about how he has the tough guys on his side for years.

      These things are out in the open now. Cohen in his book talks about how much tRump admires Putin and Kim Jong-un.

      “He wants to be just like Putin, just like Kim Jong-un, like Maduro, like Mohammed bin Salman. He doesn’t want to run for president. That’s why he says ’12 more years.’

      The nature of the police state must be dismantled, yet like every attempt to roll back the hard right turn of the political establishment in the last 30 years is fought by the upper wealthy class and their minions. But if we do not stop this hard roll to a fascist state we will lose it all very soon. Hugs


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