3 thoughts on “Republicans are 100% complicit.

  • Scottie, since we made little effort to address this and have a president who has opened up wide for Russian interference, anything is bound to happen. The Russians want an untrusted result more than anything, but they also want Trump to win, as well, so they can continue to influence the downward slide of our influence. There is no need to fire any shots in this war.

    I did read an excerpt that Trump liked be called “your excellency” by Kim Jong Un. This made me smile and cry. It is so easy to butter up the president and get your way. A colleague once asked me how to work with a narcissist who was a consultant we both knew – I said market to him, like he is a prospect. This same goes for Trump.


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    • Hello Keith. So true. Russia’s Communist leader Nikita Khrushchev said, “We will take America without firing a shot. We do not have to invade the U.S. We will destroy you from within. Putin made it happen using tRump as his tool. Sad thing is so many willingly are letting it happen. Why do so many foolish people buy in to the US exceptionalism, of the US being #1, when we have clearly failed and fallen way behind other countries in so many areas? It is more than embarrassing, it is stunningly stupidly self destructive. Hugs


      • He was correct. With freedom comes responsibility. Our enemies can too easily extort our culture for their own purpose. To Putin, it is truly like shooting fish in a barrel. I have shared with you the story of a Russian drama director for TV. Putin would let the characters complain about little things – trash pick-up, gas being cut off, etc. – but, he would require the characters to voice pro-Putin messages from time to time. The director said Putin is smart enough to realize he had to sneak up on people.

        I also heard a reporter in the EU on NPR. He said Russia involves itself in every EU country with disinformation, especially countries that used to be part of the USSR. But, many know this. In Estonia, they have a popular Sunday night TV show which summarizes the disinformation efforts by Putin.

        Here, we have a president who says come on in, as long as you help me first. Keith

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