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  • Scottie, I was thinking of what Woodward wrote about Trump’s reaction to his question about trying to put yourself in a black person’s shoes. His response was “You’ve really drunk the kool-aid.” That speaks volumes. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. tRump, Stephen Miller, and people of that ilk see being white as superior as a normal way it should be. To them it just is the way of things, it feels right to them, it seems like it should be that way. Attempts at equality are seen as against nature, against the way things should be. We can see that in the way bigots and religious fanatics act towards LGBTQ+ issues. Look at what was said about homosexuality and being gay. They denied clear evidence it was natural and common in the animal kingdom to declare it not just immoral but a crime against the natural world. The plumbing doesn’t work that way was a common refrain back a decade ago. They feel opposite attractions and so they feel that is normal. Look how the evangelicals attack trans people saying that gender is only binary, only two genders, because it always has been and it feels right to them. It is all about their comfort, their sense of normal. They are unable to look beyond that. So we need to let them die out, as we teach children to be more inclusive. That would have worked had decent people kept being elected. However tRump reversed that, all of it. The problem has now grown like a wildfire in the western states. It will take a long time and a lot more work to make racism and bigotry seem unacceptable in the country again now. Hugs


    • Hello Keith. I want to add look how hard BLM groups are having to work just to establish that killing unarmed black people by authorities in far greater amounts than their percentage of the population is wrong. Half the country is OK with POC being less than whites in the eyes of the laws. Police unions and the police are fighting to defend their right to abuse POC rather than simply accept changes that create equality. That is stunning to me. Police openly fighting for the right to abuse POC and almost half the country is supporting that. Hugs


      • Scottie, we need to emphasize that this is not a binary choice – improved policing must go hand-in-hand with the BLM movement. What I detest is the term “defund the police” has been taken as a banner by the Trump folks to mean ” take all funding away.” That would be asinine, but that is the how the commercials are played out. Defunding was a poor word choice – Repurposing some of the funding for more mental health counselors, social workers, rather than buying an arsenal for a war.

        A good example is the Utah woman who called the police to check on her Asperger’s son who was going bananas when she returned to work. Even though the woman told them his diagnosis, the son was still shot multiple times in short order. Instead, if specially trained police or mental health counselors could have been deployed, then the boy would not have gotten shot. In Charlotte, a schizophrenic man who called the cops, but ended up getting shot because they did not understand.

        Per a behaviorial psychologist I worked with to help companies set up Mental wellness efforts, 1 in 5 folks will have some level of depression in their life. If you look at any company’s medical claim summary 1 out of ten prescriptions are for a mental health drug.

        The issue is not binary. But, police have to help address bad apples and bad practices and improve training. The issue is different, but the Boy Scouts went under because of not addressing pedophile troop leaders. The Catholic Church had a major brand issue for its failure to deal with pedophile priests. Even though, the issue is different, if police do not clean up their own mess, then good police get painted with a bad brush. And, in spite of what Trump says, the significant majority of BLM protests are civil.



        • Hello Keith. That was tragic, this morning I listened to the mother cry, hating herself for calling the police asking for help. Sadly there are people defending the police. I agree with you and Nan that the phrase defund the police is a really sucky way to put the need to redirect funds. It just sounds wrong. Just as the need to stop constantly increasing the military budget in a time of relative peace needs to be addressed. However there are studies of places that have transfered funds and responsibility from police to other agencies has worked really well. The studies show that arrest go way down and incarceration costs go down. Even more impressive is that rearrests go down.

          The real fight right now is not about facts, it is about power. The police unions and the police departments are fighting for the status quo. What is the status quo. The right to abuse and kill / murder POC without any consequence. I hope people are realising the police stepping aside and letting the brownshirts of this administration called the proud boys and other right wing militia assault BLM protestors is about the police wanting to maintain the right to do those abusive acts.

          This situation could easily be solved by the police / governments agreeing to civilian review boards, to outlawing deadly tactics, to always on body worn cameras, to de-escalation tactics used before force, and to never using deadly force to a fleeing suspect unless they were a clear danger to other lives. The last two things I was taught repeatedly as an associative deputy. When I was in training and carried a gun for a living there is no way I could have gotten away with any of these actions. The point is that these are what use to be normal police procedures before the militarization of police. Before police were thought of as alternate military troops, we were thought of as civil enforcement community patrols. Dealing with people was more important than showing our authority. I remember my chief going to arrest a suspect in a bar. The chief was a really big guy in his prime. He could have marched in and started a fight. Instead he walked up to the guy, explained quietly that he was going to have the guy go out with him and then outside he would arrest him. The guy was sitting at a table and asked if he could finish his beer. Chief said yes and sat down at the table. I do not know if they chatted. After the guy drank his beer they both got up, walked outside where the guy was calmly handcuffed. There is no reason in most cases to escalate the problem. I remember one demonstration at a nuclear power plant where some demonstrators climbed a tower. We all stood around while ideas were tossed around about how to get to them if we had to, they couldn’t do any real harm where they were. So we stood guard while they hung their banner. Some one, a LT I think, asked what they wanted to end this. The people said a couple pizzas and a chance to tell the local newspaper our side of this. Agreed, he yelled back. I stood there with my gun holstered as a local pizza place ( they did have great pizza ) delivered the requested pizzas and the person talked, on the ground in front of us to the news media. Then they were arrested. No shootings. Damn I miss those days.

          Keith am I making sense, am I just too old and remember how things use to be? Today it seems far more about force and authority than the laws that help society. This seems like a power play on the part of the police to me. On TYT a show I watch they often say the worst crime in the mind of a police officer is to be disrespected. I think today that is true. What it means to be a police officer, an officer of the peace is radically changed. Yet today I watched a police officer confront a whole home of white college age 20 year olds breaking the law and the police were all respectful and nice. So what is the real problem? Hugs


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