Watch: Trump threatens to ‘put down very quickly’ Democrats who take to the streets in protest if he wins re-election

I think he is setting the stage to get his intimidating forces set up so they will be at polling places and ready to go in areas where it looks as if he is losing.   This is not a joke people, we are seeing fascism in the open.   He is already pronouncing he is the winner and any attempt to deny him his rightful leadership will be violently taken down.  He is telling his people he is already the winner, so they wont accept any other result.   Typical Putin maneuver, the acts of authoritarian strongmen , not elected officials in a democracy.    Hugs

Watch: Trump threatens to ‘put down very quickly’ Democrats who take to the streets in protest if he wins re-election

“Look, it’s called insurrection,” the president added. “We just send in, and we do it very easy. I mean, it’s very easy. I’d rather not do that because there’s no reason for it, but if we had to, we’d do that and put it down within minutes.”

For months Trump has been deploying into American cities paramilitary SWAT teams of federal secret police with no insignias or name badges, armed with assault weapons, who have been tear gassing U.S. citizens protesting police killings of unarmed Black people.

Included among these highly-armed elite tactical agents are members of the U.S. Border Patrol’s BORTAC unit who receive “enhanced Special Forces-type training, including sniper certification,” The New York Times has reported. These “officers typically conduct high-risk operations targeting individuals who are known to be violent, many of them with extensive criminal records.”

There is more at the link, the video.   I think this is a threat we should take seriously and after we remove tRump from office we will have to contend with his thugs.   Hugs

4 thoughts on “Watch: Trump threatens to ‘put down very quickly’ Democrats who take to the streets in protest if he wins re-election

  1. Keith September 11, 2020 / 17:55

    Scottie, this is more disinformation to make people doubt the results. It is possible a winner will not be declared on election night. Take it to the bank, Trump will either declare victory or claim fraud. This sociopathic bent person would rather cause unrest than dare have his fragile ego face loss. Keith

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    • TheChattyIntrovert September 12, 2020 / 00:28

      I wish they wouldn’t do the “projections” thing on election day. I hate election day coverage and they’re like “well, the polls don’t close for 6 more hours, but we’ve got some early estimates saying this percent goes to blah and this goes to bleh.” I hate that because it might entice folks to just stay home if they’re in a different time zone and be like “what’s the point of voting, blah is going to win”. UGH!

      That’s why I loved what happened during the last election. Weather Channel had their basic weather on the 8s coverage in between 6 or 8 hours of serene images and peaceful music to give everyone a break from election news. I told everyone about it and we all had it on as background noise when we needed a breather (it was hilarious).

      Frankly, I don’t think they should start with the projections til the polls are all closed. In every time zone, so that folks go out and vote and don’t assume their candidate will never catch up or they’ve got it all sewn up. We saw where that led last time. Gah! Of course, it’s a ratings bonanza because it’s like a slow motion train wreck–people just can’t keep away from the screen, even if their health would benefit from not getting worked up over it.

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      • Scottie September 12, 2020 / 06:43

        Hello Chatty Introvert. I agree. It is not fair to the people on the west coast when they start giving the east coast results four hours before the polls in the west close. I do watch the election news as I am a political junkie, but I do wish they would with hold results, totals, and projections until all pols are closed country wide, as you say. Hugs

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    • Scottie September 12, 2020 / 06:11

      Hello Keith. I agree. Most people understand this. That is why Ron and I are voting early in person rather than by mail. And he will rally his base cult to violence. The question I have is what about the sycophants in congress that flock to defend and praise him? Will they go along with tRump subverting the election as they are right now or are they going to find a spine if they think he is losing? Hugs


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