4 thoughts on “Isn’t that why they patrol city streets with guns and beat up BLM people

    • Scottie September 12, 2020 / 14:54

      Hello Chatty Introvert. These pretend patriots are so insecure they need to carry around weapons to go to grocery stores and subway sandwich shops.

      The truth is that most of the front line firefighters were prisoners. They took the greatest risk for a fraction of what the other firefighters were getting. They were risking their lives in the front lines of the fires, often many have died for only a few dollars an hour. Compared with 20 to 40 or more dollars an hour the non-prisoners were getting. But the real kick in the teeth was that after these prisoners got out they couldn’t get work as firefighters, due to state laws against hiring former prisoners to do that work. These laws and what we ask prisoners to do is wrong, very wrong, it is using them as slave labor. The US, has to really have prison reform it really is a prison business slave labor market. Especially with POC we have a school to prison pipeline that benefits business. Legalised slavery. Hugs

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      • TheChattyIntrovert September 12, 2020 / 15:28

        the ban the box program is something I’m totally into. They need to get rid of the race/ethnicity box, and they need to get rid of the “have you been convicted of a felony” box on applications. We need to give people a fair chance after they’ve done their time.


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        • Scottie September 13, 2020 / 04:18

          Hello Chatty Introvert. I agree. Thanks for the link. We say people paid for their crimes, they did their time. But we don’t practice that. We punish people for a lifetime for something they have done their sentence for. Our whole system is designed to punish and seek vengeance on lower incomes who commit crimes. Notice the difference between upper class prisons over lower class prisons. Upper class are called country club prisons and have nice furniture and good food. Upper class prisoners are treated with respect. Lower class prisoners are treated like animals.

          Did you see that the appeals court is letting Florida keep the felons off the voter rolls until they pay their fines and court costs, a poll tax the people did not approve of? The problem is the state has no accounting of what the people owe, no way to figure it, and no one to take the money. So the right to vote that was overwhelmingly voted for by the people the republicans in the state government took away. Hugs

          Countries whose prisons are reform minded, where they prioritize helping the person fix what’s broken and get back into society have far less recidivism and crime over all. But we do have to address the legal slavery that is the prison system and the for profit prisons. Hugs

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