Prosecutor quits Durham probe of Trump-Russia investigation over concern about political pressure, report says

A top prosecutor in the probe into the origins of the investigation of President Donald Trump and Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election has quit, reportedly in part due to fears that political concerns were behind pressure to produce a report before the probe’s work is completed.

But the newspaper also reported that “colleagues said Dannehy is not a supporter of President Donald J. Trump and has been concerned in recent weeks by what she believed was pressure from [Attorney General William] Barr — who appointed Durham — to produce results before the election.”

Barr last month said he could reveal at least some of Durham’s findings before the election, sparking concerns that such an announcement could help Trump politically.

“We’ll develop this case to the extent we can before the election, and we’ll use our prudent judgment to decide what’s appropriate before the election and what should wait until after the election,” Barr said at the time.

Critics of the Durham investigation have said it is a politically motivated effort by Barr and the Trump administration to smear the investigation by then-special counsel Robert Mueller, whose probe led to multiple successful criminal prosecutions of Trump associates.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn. last year tweeted that “Trump&AG Barr are politically weaponizing DOJ [Department of Justice] — threatening a return to its darkest days.”

“Targeting law enforcers as enemies—simply because they have the spine to stand up to corrupt power—is deeply dangerous, indeed chilling. This line must not be crossed,” said Blumenthal, who previously held Durham’s job as U.S. Attorney for Connecticut.

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., during an appearance on MSNBC on Friday, said, “The whole point of this investigation is political.”

“It began for a political reason, it will end for a political reason and the whole push by Barr to get something out, the push by Trump to get this report, interim report out before the election, is so transparently political,” said Schiff,  the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

“So if indeed this is why this career prosecutor retired or resigned from the case, it makes a lot of sense,” he added, referring to Dannehy.

There is more at the link above including a rant by tRump.    Hugs

2 thoughts on “Prosecutor quits Durham probe of Trump-Russia investigation over concern about political pressure, report says

  1. Notes To Ponder September 12, 2020 / 05:19

    So what does Russia have on Trump? Convoluted political posturing is a smoke screen sidestepping an elephant in the room. My money is on the “pee tape”, existence of which was swept under the rug. Call me crazy but I’m not inclined to dismiss Trump golden shower shenanigans in a Russian hotel room as reason for his subsequent Russia policy. Sigh.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Scottie September 12, 2020 / 06:52

      Hello Notes To Ponder. It is clear now that Putin has something or many things on tRump and his family. Plus it seems many of the people who work for or support tRump are compromised as well by Russia.

      As for what it could be I think it is a mixture of financial as Eric tRump claims they get all their funds from Putin / Russia and sexual such as the pee pee thing or prostitutes. Cohen in his book describes tRump going to a club featuring that and also there is evidence that backs up the prostitutes in Moscow and other places. I find Lindsey Graham’s sudden turn around in one golf game from virulent anti tRump to full on cult member every suspicious. What did Putin give to tRump that he had on Graham? Hugs


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