McConnell’s ‘Skinny’ COVID Bill, Which Helps The Coal Industry More Than Hungry Americans, Fails In The Senate

It’s been 118 days since the House passed the $3 trillion HEROES Act, which Sen. Mitch McConnell has refused to take up, and it’s 20 days until the government runs out of funding with the end of the fiscal year. Millions of Americans—across the country—say it is likely they will lose their homes in the next two months. We are in a “deep state budget crisis” that is “causing sizable public-sector job losses, especially in K-12 and higher education.” State and local governments are hemorrhaging workers.

McConnell is responding with a “skinny” bill, to be voted on Thursday, that partially funds school reopening, and doesn’t do a whole lot else. Oh, except the coal industry bailout. There isn’t funding to make sure the 14 million children who are food insecure can be fed. There isn’t funding to make sure people don’t lose their homes. There isn’t even the measly second round of $1,200 payments to individuals that even the Trump White House wants to see happen. This is a bill entirely negotiated with Republicans, and as of this writing it’s not even clear that McConnell has 51 Republicans to pass it. That’s because there aren’t 51 Republicans in the Senate who give a damn about your livelihood. Or your life, for that matter.

“Instead of improving their offer, Senate Republicans have made it stingier and even less appropriate to the looming crisis that we have,” Schumer says of the bill. “I’m not sure what kind of negotiating strategy that is, but it sure isn’t serious strategy, and it sure won’t be successful.” The real problem is that McConnell is framing this as the last train out of the station for coronavirus relief before the election. He fully intends to do no more on the crisis.

There is more at the link above.   The Republicans wanted this to bail out the coal industry, they really couldn’t care less what happens to the lower incomes and workers in the US.   Republicans believe the government must only work for and serve the upper wealthy class at the expense of the lower working class.   What a country.  One of greedy have’s living easy lives, while the have not’s suffer just to survive.    And a congress bought and paid for to make sure it stays that way.   Hugs

McConnell bill leaves out $1,200 stimulus payments to people, but gives coal industry $161 million

Because McConnell refuses to act in good faith on behalf of the American people. He’s teeing up a vote Thursday on a bill that is clearly just a political ploy, written with his big corporate donors in mind, leaving the people behind. While both Democrats and the Trump White House want another round of direct payments of $1,200 to individuals, McConnell leaves that out of his bill. Instead, he includes this, pointed out by Sen. Bernie Sanders: “$161 million in corporate welfare to the coal industry during a climate emergency.”

That bill from McConnell will not pass, and he doesn’t intend it to. He also doesn’t intend to put any other coronavirus relief bill on the floor. This is a sop to his Republican members who can point to the bill and say to voters “see, we did that,” and to his corporate overlords. This will keep them happy and spending on Republican reelection campaigns because it’s his promise to them to keep their interests paramount. It’s also enough for him to say: “We tried. Democrats wouldn’t let us do it.” Because it does nothing much to help people.

Democrats have come down in their demands from over $3 trillion with the HEROES Act to $2.2 trillion in negotiations with Mnuchin. McConnell won’t do that, despite the fact that it would probably pass in the Senate with all the Democrats and enough Republicans who are panicking behind it. McConnell is doing the only thing he intends to do: Offer a poisoned pill bill and leave it at that. That’s because instead of talking with Pelosi, with Democratic leader Chuck Schumer, with Mnuchin, he’s been negotiating solely with his Republican conference, not willing to put anything on the floor that doesn’t have majority support there. Which means the extremists who want no more relief—Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Ron Johnson—win. They get a stripped down bill that can’t pass.

There is not going to be more coronavirus help for anyone because McConnell will only negotiate with Republican senators. When not acting can result in real economic disaster, even a depression. The cynicism, the corruption, the total disregard for any consequences—it’s all just mind-boggling. But it’s happening and there damn well has to be hell to pay for McConnell and every complicit Republican.

There is more a the link above to this story.  I think it has become very clear at this point that even if half the working people and all of the non-working poor died it wouldn’t phase the wealthy Republicans in congress.   They make their money from their position, and they keep that position due to gerrymandering and support of their big money donors.   So they don’t care about the voters, because they don’t need to.   The state McConnell is from is one of the poorest yet they keep voting him back in even as he lets them die.   Hugs

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