Natural Herd Immunity: Will It Work With COVID-19

Natural Herd Immunity: Will It Work With COVID-19

This is a wonderful informative post.   I strongly suggest people read it.   Angela explains what herd immunity is, what it would take to work, how many might die, and why it may not be possible even if tried.    Hugs

6 thoughts on “Natural Herd Immunity: Will It Work With COVID-19

  1. Keith September 13, 2020 / 08:04

    Scottie, the challenge to moving beyond COVID-19 pandemic risk is the not insignificant portion of Americans who have not figured out Trump has been lying to them, even after admitting it. As a result, this group (and others) do not feel precautions are needed. As a result, it will be even more of a hurdle to get beyond this regardless of what we try. Keith

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    • Scottie September 13, 2020 / 09:15

      Hello Keith. I am not sure it is a hurdle we can overcome even after Biden wins. These people are too entrenched in their conspiracies and too heavily misinformed as to what they think is their rights. They no longer care what is true, they think lying and making up fake I am exempt from mask wearing signs is OK. They are just enjoying being contrary. Hugs


  2. randy September 13, 2020 / 08:25

    Hi Scottie;
    I looked up some stats for Sweden vs. America. The obesity rate in Sweden is like 20.6, while that in America is about 37%. The rate for heart disease is WAY lower. These are two indicators in the mortality rate of Covid. So, the government chose the risk with the hope that the healthier population would push through it. Not sure I support that idea, but worth consideration when the prevalence is already there. They decided on a plan, went with it, dealt with the consequences.
    The US denied the issue, then did half measures while still denying the issue, then went golfing.
    Evel Knievel famously jumped his motorcycle over whatever seemed spectacular, but he went into it with a full understanding of how fast he had to go, the ramp length and incline and height, the landing, the weight of everything….. Sometimes he made it, sometimes he didn’t, but at no time did he go up the ramp at half speed. Considering the options, weighing the variables, pushing the envelope vs. denying the truth and going golfing.
    But, I looked up the “herd immunity” idea, too. It’s what we use with our normal flu here. Measles, mumps too. The idea is to protect those who are unable to be “immunized” by everyone else NOT having the disease. I’m not sure everyone else HAVING the disease works? Or, if it does, how many people would die before that herd immunity took effect? 20%?

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    • Scottie September 13, 2020 / 09:40

      Hello Randy. Yes the differences in Sweden are greatly different than the US. They are more spread out in less dense clumps, a much smaller population. The population also were very cooperative with the protective measures. Yet with all that they had a lot more deaths than the surrounding countries. People think they simply ignored the virus and went on as normal, but that is not what they did. The did take measures to limit the spread, but they kept their economy and businesses open. The person who came up with the plan now says they wished they had done things differently as they regret the deaths it caused. The article says millions would die before herd immunity could be found, if it is possible which we don’t know. The reason the flu and measles work is because there is a vaccine and enough people get it to buffer those that don’t. We are very quickly falling below that point in the US on many diseases because of anti-vaxxers. Hugs


  3. Keith September 13, 2020 / 08:42

    Randy, Scottie, your point on relative obesity is key. A global wellness consultant based in the UK (that I used to introduce to clients) noted that America’s greatest export is obesity. America’s is the most obese country in the world per the WHO, so we are at greater risk to diabetes, breathing disorders, and circulation issues. We are less prone to handle herd immunity well, as we are as big as herd. Keith

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    • Scottie September 13, 2020 / 09:45

      Hello Keith. Yes you and Randy are correct a person’s health before they get Covid is important as to how well they might survive it. However if that is what tips their health to death, then they died due to complications from Covid virus. I just don’t want that point to get missed. Hugs


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