You are right. The number from COVID deaths is wrong. 200,000 Americans have not died of COVID-19. And you should share this with everyone.

Hello Helen. Thank you for this well written explanation of the newest conspiracy theories being used to dismiss this very serious virus. This is information we need to be able to refute the nonsense. Hugs

Margaret and Helen

Margaret, lots of people are claiming that 200,000 Americans have not died from COVID. They are right. I did the research. I actually talked to some doctors, did some investigating… I spent hours reading about mortality rates. Honestly, it’s a global pandemic. What better reason will you ever have for dedicating hours to such a boring, mundane endeavor? It would be so much easier to just watch a YouTube video or read a Tweet and draw your conclusion. But why would you do that if it meant putting yourself or your loved ones at risk? To make sure you have the facts, you must dig. So, my dog dug.

Now I know many of our readers are waiting for me to use a few dirty words or make a joke. They expect me to call Trump an asshat. But this really is too important. If you support Trump, my need…

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6 thoughts on “You are right. The number from COVID deaths is wrong. 200,000 Americans have not died of COVID-19. And you should share this with everyone.

  • Hi Scottie;
    It’s amazing how these “theories” gain popularity. I heard this tripe on my last visit north. There are huge penalties for falsifying records to the government, as some who are now in prison for “Medicare Fraud” can attest. Does it happen? Sure. Would you as a doctor who has just managed to accumulate 1.5 million in education debt put your license to practice medicine at risk for the bump in recompense to the hospital that employs you? Doubtful in any meaningful degree.
    What I heard the most was that someone who had an underlying condition as well as Covid would die, then the doctors would blame that death on the covid rather than the underlying condition. Well, if you shoot someone in the chest with a gun, then chop off their head… what was the cause of death? A person with a gun shot to the chest may survive hours, days, may even recover. So it is with covid and heart/cancer/? patients. Yes, the cancer was killing them, but the fact that they could no longer breathe sort of put that on the second burner.
    Further, that earlier analogy of having the underlying condition does not account for the increased protections that must be taken in the suffering of covid. Cancer and Heart Disease are not contagious.
    It is truly disheartening how easily led, how genuinely stupid some people are being – people I would normally consider quite intelligent. I can’t claim myself immune to that either, but when someone points out to me that I’ve been lied to I don’t get mad at the person showing me the truth, I get mad at the ones who lied to me. Why it is that these folks are so bought into this cult that rather than be pissed they got lied to will instead strike out at the one who tells them they were deceived?

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    • Hello Randy. Sorry you are in this position. When this subject comes up you have to ask what put the person in the hospital in the first place. I have a shortness of breath problem, I breathe shallowly. It is manageable, but if I get covid it is going to make that a lot worse. So if I die, did I die because of my existing problem or did I die because I got the Covid which made my underlying problem much worse? Clearly my death would be due to Covid. I am not sure a fact on fact discussion will work as good as a roundabout reasoning. I know about patient charting, and what is being suggested simply can not work. It is like the idea of China printing of thousands of mail in ballots to swing the election, the system just doesn’t work that way. Be well brother. Hugs


  • GREAT reblog! The lady (ladies) that wrote the original are smart cookies. They explain it so clearly and yet … and yet … there will always be those who will take the word of Trump and his “medical” cronies over solid evidence. But then, most of them will never read this, preferring instead to listen to the oh-so-wise commentators on Faux News, who parrot our oh-so-wise fake president.

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    • Hello Nan. I think it is one lady, Helen, at least this one was. I read the blog once in a while. She did one a little while ago totally swear word filled on tRump. She don’t like him at all. Hugs


        • Hello Nan. The posts always seem to start off with the same address to Margaret. Plus the author tag has this: Posted by: Helen Philpot. I have yet to see a post by Margaret. Now maybe in the past there were posts by Margaret but she stopped or died. Maybe she did not exist. I just started reading the posts so I can not say. But it is curious isn’t it. Hugs

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