Roger Stone is already organizing

10 thoughts on “Roger Stone is already organizing

  • Scottie, two sets of comments.

    First, Roger Stone is a self-described “dirty trickster.” Two questions. 1) why would anyone brag that he is a dirty trickster? That is a bll board to say “do not turn your back on me.” 2) why should any rational person care what Roger Stone says?

    While the president commuted his sentence, Stone remains comvicted. The president has an unhealthy relationship and fascination with convicted liars, crooks and autocrats. Why? I admire Gandhi, MLK, Mother Teresa, Billy Graham, Nelson Mandela, eg. Trump admires Vladimir Putin and himself.

    Second, now we know why Trump wanted Stone out of prison. To do more dirty tricks. This is what Stone does for living.


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      • Nan, true, but we still need to push back. I recall a friend, who supports Trump, saying how she loves what Ann Coulter says and asked me what I thought. To that moment, she presumed I felt the same, but I told her I did not hold Coulter’s opinion in high regard. She was floored. I said she has written a lot of books, so many are buying what she is selling, but I am not one of them. As for Stone, we can push back that he was convicted by a jury and brags on being a dirty-trickster. He is not someone I would want my kids to emulate. Keith

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        • Hello Keith. I understand what you are saying about pushing back, it is what all of us are trying to do. So that is why I am going to put the rest of my answer on a lower tier.

          Neither is tRump yet many Republicans are supporting him for president. Today. Which says they do want their kids to emulate him. It says they are proud of him. It says he is their party, or what the party is now. Hugs

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          • Scottie, I am glad to see Woodward making the rounds on TV news shows. He has gravatas. Just today, the president said his book was “boring.” Has he read it? Highly doubtful? To me, the question of how could a person expose his most loyal fans to danger without telling them is one worth asking of Trump supporters. And, asking again. Keith

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            • Hello Keith. It has been asked twice I know of, one said Covid was fake and another said he was ready to die if god wanted him to do so. They simply need that emotional fix of high emotional response to rallying with their Dear Leader of their cult. Nothing else matter than basking in the glory of their god, tRump. Hugs


      • Hello Nan. Oh big time. We need to expect any of this to happen. The rules do not apply to tRump as history has shown. Why wouldn’t he break the rules, if he loses he thinks all his crimes will come out, so he has to cheat and break rules to win if that is what it takes. Hugs

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    • Hello Keith. One other reason tRump wanted to stop Stone from going to prison is Stone openly said that if he went to prison he would rat out tRump. He openly said that. He knew where the bodies were buried. He blackmailed tRump in open media. So how the hell can tRump stand up to Putin if he can’t even stand up to Stone?

      Keith you ask why anyone would brag about being a dirty trickster? Because to these people it is not a sin, not a crime, not immoral, and they think you are stupid if you do not do everything possible to win. They feel anything is OK if you win. During the second Obama election run I had a family member who kept sending me all this untrue crap about Obama. Obama was a Muslim, he was born in Kenya, he was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, he was … I would do then what I do now, I would dig up the facts, correct the email, and send it back. After a while this person told me to stop doing that. To stop correcting the lies. He explained it didn’t matter they were lies, it was winning at any cost that was important and that it was a lie did not matter. I told him I did not have time for lies in my life. He went on a rage attack saying I was saying if I did not have time for his lies, I was saying I did not have time for him. We never talked again. He died this year. I don’t care. I never regretted my stance and I was not the one who cut off the communication. He was in the end a tRump supporter according to those who knew him. My point was he was the perfect tRump supporter, a person who did well in school but stopped learning over his 68 years, a racist, and someone who did not care about the truth just winning at any cost. A large person who felt might made right as long as he was the might. That is Stone and his ilk, the dirty tricks are fine as long as they win.

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      • Scottie, the push back from your relative is staggering. The question I would pose back after he raged is “if you were me, why should I pay attention to someone who we both know is lying?” That is a waste of time. The people who do not understand the damage of winning at all costs are not community oriented. What is Richard Nixon’s legacy? – resigning before being removed from office. Donald Trump will not be treated kindly by history, but these folks do not know that. Keith

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        • Hello Keith. I had no chance to even debate it with him. He blocked email and I felt the loss was his not mine. He was a true and tried racist which I was only starting to understand that about him at that time. As for tRump I agree, history is going to tear him apart. It will be something he will fight back on and claim is unfair, unjust, and fake news. But it will not be good for him or his crime family. Hugs


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