The Wall Street Journal: Trump campaign’s indoor Nevada rally draws governor’s ire

Trump campaign’s indoor Nevada rally draws governor’s ire
Hundreds of the president’s supporters attended the event, violating state rules banning gatherings of more than 50 people that were put in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Read in The Wall Street Journal:

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7 thoughts on “The Wall Street Journal: Trump campaign’s indoor Nevada rally draws governor’s ire

  • Scottie, even after Trump spilled the beans that he knew it was airborne and dangerous per the Woodward interview. He has held at least two rallies, this one indoors, with his most loyal of friends. This is beyond narcissistic behavior. It is sociopathic. Setting that aside, it is hard to convey you are a law and order president when breaking the law (in the case violating the Nevada ordinance) is part of your modus operandi. Keith

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    • Keith … haven’t you figured out by now that the ONLY law that exists/counts is “Trump’s Law” — which consists of anything and everything that he wants to say or do. Period.

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      • Nan, true. But, he was like this before he was elected. There are more than a few instances where he flouted the law or even a judge’s order. He had to be taken back to court after he settled on an anti-discrimination lawsuit on housing. Why? Because he failed to do what the judge told him to do in the settlement. Keith

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    • Hello Keith, he has gone into full blown denial or reality. He either thinks now it really is not a real threat this virus or he doesn’t care. He really does believe laws do not apply to him and in 73 years he has been right. He held a in person indoor rally that the governor had signed an order against, what is the governor to do if someone else does it? Let them go also? if they try to fine the next on they did not stop tRump. See the issue, the king tRump has now set himself up to be able to break any governors laws he wants, which will include voting laws as he wishes? This is scary. Hugs

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      • Scottie, and he is at odds with his own party on mail-in voting. In simplest terms, what kind of person would wreak havoc in his own country if he does not win an election? The first word is sociopath. The second word is tyrant. Keith

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