It is all show theater with tRump

3 thoughts on “It is all show theater with tRump

  • why am I picturing Israel in general, for the first time in its life going “okay, now back away slowly from the crazy U.S…. it’s vision’s based on movement.”? Yeah, I think we finally annoyed one of our allies almost to death.

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    • Hello Chatty Introvert. The thing is this really is all theater. There is nothing new here, these countries have already been doing business with and had political ties to Israel. There is no new peace, there is not end to any ongoing wars. This was a drummed up show for the White House to make it look like he had arranged a major Middle East peace deal such as Jimmy Carter had with Egypt and Israel. It is a show to make his cult think he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize he has been chasing for years. Hugs

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