Trump Says He Will ‘Negotiate’ Third Term Because He’s ‘Entitled’ To It


During a rally in Minden, Nevada, Trump predicted he would win reelection and carry Nevada, a state he lost narrowly in 2016.

“After that,” Trump said, “we’ll negotiate,” asserting that he’s “probably entitled to another four after that” based on “the way we were treated.”

The comments echo ones Trump made during a rally in Wisconsin in August, in which he stated he would win four more years and “go for another four years” because “they spied on my campaign,” likely referencing his unproven “Obamagate” theory.

Michael Cohen, Trump’s former fixer-turned prolific critic, has argued that Trump’s comments should not be disregarded as humor, instead asserting that Trump believes he should be the “ruler” or “dictator” of the U.S. and wants to “change the Constitution.”

Cohen predicted that, were Trump to win reelection, “he is going to automatically day number one start thinking how he can change the Constitution for a third term, and then a fourth term.”

Cohen claimed Trump’s affinity for dictators is the tell that he himself has similar ambitions. “Like what he said to President XI and like what he said to so many other people,” Cohen said of Trump’s musing about a third term. “It’s why he admires the Kim Jong Uns of the world.”

There is more at the link above.    Hugs

4 thoughts on “Trump Says He Will ‘Negotiate’ Third Term Because He’s ‘Entitled’ To It

  1. Keith September 15, 2020 / 09:07

    Scottie, I go back to what John Oliver and Bill Maher have said before. Donald Trump will have to be escorted out of the White House when he loses. God forbid he wins a second term, but I do not see his BMI supporting an unproblematic life. Keith

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    • Scottie September 15, 2020 / 09:33

      Hello Keith. His first military doctor said he had great genes and could live to be 200, remember? I don’t worry about that date in January, he is too much a coward to stand his ground that way. No I worry about election night and the next two weeks after if the election is anywhere close. He is not above having his thugs break in and destroy votes being counted or burning whole buildings down to stop the counting of vote in Democratic areas. Once the vote totals are made showing he lost he will dispute them with everything he has. Then once he is force to accept them he and McConnell with do everything they can to poison the well so to speak for the new Biden administration. They will go on a spree of every harmful trick they can to destroy anything good in our country. He won’t even stay at the white house after it is shown he lost, he will just storm out and go to everyone of his businesses to suck as much public money as he can into his pocket. They won’t have to escort him out of the White House as I doubt he will be there. He is a spoiled brat who has rarely been told no before and had it enforced. He won’t take it well. Hugs


  2. Nan September 15, 2020 / 18:09

    EGADS! This man gets scarier by the minute!!!

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    • Scottie September 16, 2020 / 11:09

      Hello Nan. I agree. I am beginning to think we are living in a horror movie and this is only the second act. Hugs


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