9 thoughts on “Cooper: Trump’s actions contradict what he says in private about Covid-19

  • Scottie, just last night in the Town Hall, Trump lied and said he has tried to play up the virus, contradicting his words and actions at multiple times. The president lies so much, he would lose an argument with himself. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. I did not watch the town hall, but I heard from different sources that tRump was clueless and got really confused and out of his depth. From what I heard he was frustrated and not happy because he was not able to control the narrative, did you feel the same way?


      • Scottie, I just saw tidbits on ABC this morning. He failed to answer a black man’s question on race issues and one woman asked him to not interrupt. The concept of servant leader is as foreign as the truth to Donald Trump. Keith

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          • Scottie, a good servant does not go around saying “me, me, me” like the president does. On virtually any issue, he makes it about him. He is asked about the lack of social distancing at his last rally – well they were far away from me. At the Town Hall, he was asked about racial tensions – he said he had no problems with race. He was asked about a White House staff member having COVID-19 – he said he or she was far away from me. Me, me, me.

            Empathy, decency, community – foreign words to the president. Keith

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            • Hello Keith. Very true. That is because he can not see himself as NOT the most important person in the room. In his reality, he is the shining one, the golden child, the always glowing star of attention. He is always transactional, he is always branding. Hugs


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