4 thoughts on “Trump FALLS ON HIS FACE at town hall with bungled response

    • Hello Nan. I figured you would like this young man better than Justin King known as Beau of the Fifth Column, who you think is a rather unkempt person. You read the comments? I had not even done that, as I watch the videos and move quickly on. Tell me what about them you liked and I will go back and read the comments. Nan that is wonderful, I missed the reading the comment section of the video and you read it. Do you think I should go back and read them? Hugs


      • Yes, I like this guy much better than some of the others you spotlight … but as with most all videos, I can only take so much. At least when reading I can skip over and/or ignore what I don’t like. With videos, I’m stuck until the end, not matter how much “foo-foo” the person includes … unless I leave it and perhaps miss out on some of the “good” stuff. Catch 22.

        The first few comments are just so-so, but further down they are pretty entertaining. I love the “accordion hands” one!

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        • Hello Nan. With this person’s blog I fast forword beyond the tRump person or tRump himself to what the young man himself is saying about it. Like you , I simply don’t need to hear tRump or his admin speak. So as soon as the video starts I just drag the cursor along the timeline until I see Brian Tyler Cohen start to speak. Like you I do not need to hear tRump or the other people give their speil. However I do like how this young man tears those arguments aparts. Hugs

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