Well I changed the theme.   Hated to, the old one I had  about as long as I have been blogging.   I narrowed my choices down to two themes.   Both were similar.  They were Penscratch 2  or 2016.     Both were similar and inflexible to change what I needed.   I tried both, lost all my tags and categories in the switching back and forth.  I went with Penscratch 2 because 2016 had more features but also had a foot header I couldn’t find a way to get rid of.    Let me know how it looks, if I need to change the fonts sizes and such.    Hugs

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  1. Definitely different! BTW, your picture doesn’t show in the upper right corner.

    I’m assuming you’re going to be doing some “personalizations” because as it looks right now, VERY plain. Can you change the background color so it’s like, say, a beige? Or some other light shade?

    One thing about it, along with all your news blogging, you’re going to be very busy for awhile as you tweak this to what you want.

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    1. Hello Nan. Boy that is true. I already had to change it to the other one, to the 2016 one. Then I had to get on with support to have them fix issues on the CSS part of the new Theme which I guess I have to learn how to do now. Gods I did not need more work, but thankfully the person fixed it for me. There was a banner across the bottom of the page that obscured an inch of the bottom as you scrolled down. I have lost most of today doing this stuff than blogging.

      Well also Ron and I just put together supper. We really do work well in the kitchen together. I had taken a pork roast out. He sliced it almost all the way in half. We mixed up a breaded mix with a bunch of seasonings and used a store bought seasoning mix with a couple big spoons of minced garlic all mixed together to so coat the outside. really coat it. The inside we stuffed with Chicken stuffing from a mix. While that bakes Ron cut some broccoli he had bought today and I peeled some potatoes. I also opened some corn kernels and Ron will make gravy. Sadly my back gave out so I am Resting in my office as he continues to make the meal and clean stuff up. I really do love working with him in the kitchen. I have to admit I don’t eat a lot anymore, but today I am very hungry.

      Keep me updated as to what changes you think the blog needs for color and stuff. Some colors make it hard to read. But I agree right now the white on white is rather stark. Hugs

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      1. I definitely like this theme better than the first one you tried … but it still seems rather plain. Many of the themes I’ve considered have offered several options for personalizing — but since I’m using a free blog, some of them weren’t available to me. In any case, it will take some time for “make it your own.” I doubt anyone will scream and stomp their feet if you were to take a break from the news postings and concentrate on personalizing “Scottie’s Toy Box.”

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        1. Hello Nan. It use to be you choose the theme and it had options. Now you choose the theme and then you have to use CSS to adjust things and add or remove features. Like my old theme had a button to add or remove the footer. To do it now you have to use CSS. Why WordPress thinks everyone is familiar with programing language and wants to use it I have no idea. I overlooked a bunch of these from the beginning because they did not have the features I wished for, but I did not understand I had to put them in with CSS. Hugs


          1. I agree … that’s really stupid on WP’s part. I guess they figure if you’re willing to pay for the use of their servers, you must be blog smart. Or something.

            My only other suggestion would be like I mentioned before — check out themes made by others. Yes, you’d most likely have to buy it, but it might be worth it if you can find one that has all the features you want without having to spend hours personalizing it.

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    1. Hello Carmen. Since that one I had to change it three more times. I then had to learn CSS programing to be able to adjust the page. Not fun. I can go back to the others now that I know how to edit them, but first I will use this one for a few days. Let me know what you like of this one. Thanks. Hugs


      1. Well, for one – it’s white background! I find dark backgrounds hard to see. I like to see your pic and there it is, the recent comments are listed and your recent posts are there. Simple and practical! (My style). :). I’m off to the second day of our Quilt Retreat today — doesn’t that sound exciting?

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        1. Hello Carmen. I think you are talking the current one, right? That you like it makes me feel good for all the effort I spent yesterday fussing with it. Please keep sending suggestions and ideas for the look of the blog theme. I don’t see it the same way it displays for others. I am not sure I like the links in red, but not sure how to change them.

          This new blogging system requires you to learn programing knowledge to adjust the themes. They use to have lots of options for colors and sizes. Now it all has to be done by coding. I guess maybe it would be like getting ready to sew something and having to put together in the inside of the sewing machine.

          I hope you have a great day with your friends. How long is the meeting? Please post pictures when done, it does sound very creative. Best wishes. Hugs


          1. Yes, I meant this one – I love it just the way it is. You are such a computer genius, Scottie! I could never handle all that — I’d be up shit’s creek without a paddle. . .ha, ha..
            We sewed all day yesterday and after dinner, then we wrap things up at 4 this afternoon. A lucky winner will have a new sewing machine, plus there are other prizes. I have started a quilt that is made from very small squares. . .like one and a half inches. . hundreds of them. It will take me awhile; it won’t be done today.

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