Mask Refuser Dragged Out Of School Board Meeting

Notice this person claims the board is being divisive and making trouble, just because they wont give him his own way.   Yes he is the problem but in his tRump like mind not giving in to him is the problem.   Also he fights with the police, and even though the smaller one pulls his taser he doesn’t use it.   If the guy had been a big black man doing that he would be dead on the floor.   Also you can hear the woman say he just wants his say.   White privileged assholes who are making the virus worse for all of us.    Hugs

Mask Refuser Dragged Out Of School Board Meeting

The Mitchell Republic reports:

A member of the public was escorted out of the Mitchell Board of Education Monday night by Mitchell Police after he refused to don a mask as per district policy that mandates mask wearing on school property. The man, whom Mitchell School District Superintendent Joe Graves identified as Reed Bender, appeared at the meeting and sat in the front row of the audience area while not wearing a mask.

Graves contacted the Mitchell Police Division, which arrived approximately 20 minutes later and also asked Bender to leave. Bender again refused, saying he would have to be physically removed from the meeting. Two officers spoke with Bender for a few minutes before attempting to escort him out of the building. Bender resisted the officers while several audience members implored Bender to not resist.

Mitchell, South Dakota. Population 15,000.






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