Role Models | Hillary Clinton

Still true today as it was then.    Hugs

I am pretty worn out but I wonder if this last attempt to make the blog look good and work right is where it needs to be?   Hugs

10 thoughts on “Role Models | Hillary Clinton

  • If YOU are happy with it, that’s what counts. And the thing is … you can always tweak it if you find one of its other features that you like better or want to try.

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    • Hello Nan. Each one had problems such as one I liked was missing the tags. Another one I liked the page was too small and I was still trying to not learn CSS. Over the next few weeks as I post and use the theme, get comments on what is good and bad from viewers I may end up going back to one of the others and trying to change the CSS to make them work. The problem was by this time last night I was really tired and not able to really recall all the designs I had tried. After I ate I went right to bed. Hugs


  • Added comment — I don’t like the date off to the right of the comment because it looks like it’s part of the comment!

    BTW, great video. Hillary was smart to use it in her campaign. Biden should get her permission to use it too — with him at the end, of course.

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    • Hello Nan. I agree. I also do not like that the time of the post is not there, just the date. In a few days I will see if I can fix both through CSS if people like this theme. If people like the others I tried better I will go back to them and try to make them work. What do you think of the colors? On one of them you said it was too much no color at all. Hugs


      • This one is better since it has the beige background for comments and your sidebar. But I’d like to see something more “splashy” at the top where your blog name is. Can you add a picture of some kind? Maybe a picture of an actual toy box?

        You don’t want to overwhelm your visitors with too much foo-foo, but at the same time, IMO, a little pizazz never hurts. 😉

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        • Hello Nan. Thank you for the suggestions. Yes I think I can. As soon as I catch up on blogs ( I am reading the comments to your vox post right now. I posted the same thing this morning before I seen that you had already done it. ) and make a couple batches of ice cream after lunch I will see if I can find one that is not copyrighted. How is the font and sizes, is it clear and easy to read? Hugs


          • Yes, the font is plenty large enough … very similar to your old blog. I do like the colored “reply” box. I see you added the time … but it and the date really need to be in a better spot. Maybe if the date font was smaller or in a different color, it would be less distracting. Can you change that?

            Oh, and one more thing. After I stop writing my comment I have to click “Post Comment” twice … ??

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            • Hello Nan. I am not sure why you have to click it twice? Is anyone else having to do that? I did not have time yet to add the time to the posts, it displays the date I posted it but not the time. The time and date you are talking about is the one in the comments where the placement is wrong and looks like it is part of the comment. I have tried to look it up on my own but I guess I have to figure out how to word the question to ask support later on today. I simply do not know what can be done or not, I think it is wrong to make people learn programing to adjust the blogs, I never had to do that with my old theme. Hugs

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              • Yes, I was referring to the comment date/time. Originally, it just showed the date so something changed … ??

                Over a year ago, I considered changing my blog theme but when I looked at the choices, I couldn’t find any that I liked as-well-as or better. I may look again one of these days because they do keep adding new ones. Then again, maybe not. 😉

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                • Hello Nan. I miss how simple the old one was. Any setting I needed to make was right there to choose. Tomorrow I will write support to get the date time thing changed, it is super annoying I agree. Hugs

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