The Atlantic: The Weaponization of the Free-Exercise Clause

The Weaponization of the Free-Exercise Clause
The Supreme Court’s majority is transforming this one-time protection into a sword to strike down hard-fought advances in civil rights.

Read in The Atlantic:

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2 thoughts on “The Atlantic: The Weaponization of the Free-Exercise Clause

  • These “exemptions” between the believer and non-believer are reminiscent of the days when there were drinking fountains for the whites and the blacks.

    One would like to believe we’ve moved on, but apparently not.

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    • Hello Nan. Yes. The goal of these people seems to take the country back to 1950. It seems they want a time where white christians had automatic privilege, blacks were well established as a lower class with no rights, and the LGBTQ+ were well hidden and terrorized. They do not see the advance, the progress in equality as being a good thing. At first this stunned me but when I looked into it most of the evangelical leaders had ties to the white supremacist racist groups. Ralph Reed, Tony Perkins, Kenneth Copeland, Pat Robertson, and so many more. I was also stunned on how many elderly members of congress in the Republican party are tied to racist groups. This is another reason we have to get these senior citizens out of leadership positions in government. Think about the age of the two major party candidates. How can the country move forward when so many leaders are looking backward. Hugs

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