Florida man banned from Disney World after ‘challenging’ mask rule, video shows

Florida man banned from Disney World after ‘challenging’ mask rule, video shows

“I’m kind of challenging this mask thing right now,” Roy Fields said in a Facebook video he streamed live from Disney’s Hollywood Studios this week.

Fields runs a Lakeland-based ministry, called Run With Fire Ministries.

Face coverings are required at Disney’s theme parks, resorts and at Disney Springs.

Fields wore a mask to enter the park, he told 8 On Your Side, but removed it when it became hard to breathe. He said he has asthma.

Fields went viral earlier in the month when he posted a 9/11 conspiracy video on his Facebook page. The video has been shared more than half a million times.

In an unrelated incident, deputies were called to Epcot in August after a man hit a security guard during a dispute over the mask rules, according to reports.

There is more at the link above including a video of the event and a written blurb of this jerk yelling his rant everywhere.   Hugs

9 thoughts on “Florida man banned from Disney World after ‘challenging’ mask rule, video shows

    1. Hello House of Heart. Yes I agree, I think a lot of things / places should not be open. Including in person school classrooms.

      However are you as tired of these anti-maskers as I am? They seem unable to reason nor to understand science. They also seem to think they have no responsibility in society or towards anyone else. This guy wore the mask to get by the gate, then took it off so he could make a scene, then did his best to get as much attention as possible as he was being forced out. He already paid for his ticket so he wasted his money. They seem to feel they are entitled, and they also feel obeying public safety laws like wearing seat belts and following traffic laws is somehow taking their freedom away. I wonder when they are going to protest wearing pants to go out in public also. Hugs

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      1. I am so disgusted by it. The audacity of some of these morons yelling about their “liberty “ believing they have the right to spread this killer virus. It’s all coming from the moron In the White House . Sometime I feel more angry at the folks who elected him than him. DeSantis is one of his biggest sycophants, he must think he’s going to be a senator if he plays his Trump card. They don’t give a hoot about these kids possibly getting deathly ill or spreading the virus to Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa. It’s all about re-election.

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  1. He runs a ministry? Dressed like that? Further, so what if he has asthma? My other-half has childhood asthma that is far worse than any late-life asthma and HE wears a mask every single time he goes anywhere. Of course it’s not comfortable! But his life literally depends on avoiding the virus. But of course, these retards don’t care about anything but their “personal rights.”

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    1. Hello Nan. The fact that a religious leader uses these tactics to get attention and prove such a negligible point says a lot about his religious views. I mean think of the families, the little kids there that his outburst upset. These religious people ask how are they going to explain two men kissing to their children, what about the parents who have to explain why a screaming man is forced out of an amusement park by a bunch of police. Also by claiming a disability he seems not to have due to the yelling he was doing, he undermines everyone who has a real disability. One last thing about personal rights. The saying is “Your right to swing your arm ends at the tip of my nose”, same goes for masks. All rights have limits, and this mistaken idea that your rights are being violated by being required to wear a mask is stupid both legally and practically. The SCOTUS ruled the government could enforce measures for public safety for medical reasons, the ruling 115 years ago concerned the forcing people to get a vaccine during a smallpox outbreak. Second the government requires wearing of items a lot of times, such as helmets for bike or motorcycle riding, seatbelts in cars, child safety seats, even where kids can sit in cars. The argument has been ginned up to gain feel good rage to poke a finger in the eye of authority and education. Stupidity on parade. Hugs

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  2. I have a slight case of Asthma, along with Emphysemic COPD, and consequently I’m on Home Oxygen Therapy nearly 24/7. (I only remove the cannula to shit, shower, and shave.) And due to the recent spate of wildfires near me, I’ve been having to isolate indoors for days on end, and when I DO venture out, I have to wear an N95 mask for the smoky air, and then I have to place a cloth mask over that, when entering any place of business, and I can tell you that with or without the oxygen, breathing is only slightly more difficult, and is no excuse for not wearing protection.

    I’ve also been intubated, and on a ventilator, and I can totally assure everyone that it’s no picnic, and I’m sure Scottie can attest to that as well, from his nursing experiences.

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    1. Hello Dennis. I keep a print out of your medical situation you emailed me on the shelf behind my desk. I refer to it often to remind myself I am fortunate I do not have the problems others have to deal with, such as yourself. I am amazed at your resiliency. I admire how you keep going. I often start an email to you about it, but stop because I do not have the words to say how much I admire how you are not letting it all stop you or get you down.

      Thank you for the comment and the information. You are correct in all of it. People with breathing problems or lung issues should be first ones wearing masks and demanding others do so. Hugs

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  3. I also have to strap my O2 tank to the rack on back of my bike, and wear an N95 mask while riding, but the cool thing about my e-bike is how little effort it requires. My HR and respiration rate barely increase, which is highly-desired in my case; it’s all about the movement, getting those leg muscles moving, instead of just sitting on my ass. And the O2 flow is set to 1.5 to 2 liters, which is very nominal.

    Thanks for the wonderful compliment; I don’t really see myself as that much of a fighter, I just want to continue doing the things I like so much, as long as I keep waking up on the green side of the grass.

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