4 thoughts on “5 Ways Democrats Can Stop GOP From Filling Ruth Bader Ginsburg Seat

  • Yada-Yada-Yada! One of the MAIN reasons I hate these videos is all the crap they have to say (to hear themselves talk) before they get to the point of the video. Some are better than others, but they all do it.

    The video claims FIVE things that can be done and he’s at the 5 min. mark still talking about the first one — while he adds his personal opinion. Much more effective would have been to name the five things at the start and THEN comment on each one. But hey … that might make the video more effective!


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    • Hello Paul. I think with a different president much more would have been made of it, both on TV and in prime time speeches. But Obama really was no drama, and that hurt the democrats. Plus for far too long Democrats have played by the rules while the Republicans cheated and demagogue to get their way. Even after Orrin Hatch screwed over Democrats by not following the rules for judges when the Republicans were in charge, when the Democrats took back authority Pat Leahy put those rules right back in play for the Republicans to use against the Democrats. This has to stop, we can see where being the good guys and fighting fair has gotten us against foes who have no rules but winning at all costs. Hugs

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