Justice Dept. brands NYC an ‘anarchist jurisdiction,’ targets federal funds


New York City was among three cities labeled “anarchist jurisdictions” by the Justice Department on Sunday and targeted to lose federal money for failing to control protesters and defunding cops, The Post has learned.

Portland, Ore., and Seattle, Wash., were the other two cities on the list, which was approved by US Attorney General William Barr.

“When state and local leaders impede their own law enforcement officers and agencies from doing their jobs, it endangers innocent citizens who deserve to be protected, including those who are trying to peacefully assemble and protest,” Barr said in a statement set to be released Monday.

White House budget director Russ Vought is set to issue guidance to federal agencies on withdrawing funds from the cities in less than two weeks.

The list of cities eligible for defunding will be updated periodically, the feds have said.

It is not yet clear what funds are likely to be cut, but the amount of money siphoned from New York City could be massive, given the Big Apple gets about $7 billion in annual federal aid.

The “anarchist’’ designations come after President Trump earlier this month issued a memo ordering financial retribution against cities that have been slashing their police budgets during crime waves, or tolerating violent protests sparked by the May killing of George Floyd by Minnesota police.

Meanwhile, Seattle voted in August to cut its police budget by about $3 million.

Washington, DC, Mayor Muriel Bowser, whose city was on the initial list of targets, skirted at least the first round of federal funding cuts after moving to make peace with Trump in a recent phone call.

“She’s willing to do whatever is necessary. We had a very good talk with her,” Trump told reporters Sept. 4.

A federal appeals court earlier this year upheld Trump’s attempt to take funding from some “sanctuary cities’’ including New York City that try to protect undocumented workers from federal immigration officials. But three other appeals courts came to the opposite conclusion involving other cities.

There is more at the link above.   Please understand what tRump is trying to do.   These are troubled police departments that have large number of violence complaints.   The civilian controls have broken down.   The civilian leaders have decided to shift money from fascist authoritarian police departments to other services.    tRump is a fascist authoritarian that will need to depend on authoritarian police to enforce his dictatorial policies should he need to commit illegal acts to stay in power.  tRump is ending civilian oversight of police departments so police can continue to act as occupying forces rather than police serving communities.   We are watching our democracy die people.   These actions by tRump are part of an ongoing plan to remove local control of the people.   Shades of Russia and China, tRump is following their example.   Hugs

15 thoughts on “Justice Dept. brands NYC an ‘anarchist jurisdiction,’ targets federal funds

  • Scottie – this is SO illogical it makes my brain hurt. These major cities have had to cut their Police Dept budgets – along with every other dept. – due to declining tax revenues that are a result of Fed policies regarding reimbursements for Virus fighting and Fire-fighting, leaving cities, municipalities, counties, and commonwealths with no other choice but to slash budgets.

    And now they want to hold back even more money, money that was collected as Fed Income Tax from those same citizens, which will result in further cutbacks, which will be seen as a sign of weakness by Hair Füror, who will then proclaim he has no choice BUT to send in Fed troops, to maintain Order.

    I just want to go back to bed and pull the covers over my head…

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    • Hello Dennis. OH boy do I understand the going back to bed thing. I got up at 3:30 AM. My hip was aching, Milo was fussing for me to get up, and if I stayed in bed Ron was going to be woken up and he doesn’t sleep well as it is. So I got up. But after I got my morning roundup done and sat here thinking of RBG I just wanted to go back to bed. I am very worried, and it is hard to deal with.

      Dennis I think we have to look at this for what it is. The police forces are fighting to keep the right to abuse and kill a segment of our population. They are fighting to continue to be an occupational force over the population instead of a civilian controlled force that serves the community. They are desperately trying to stop any threat to their funding that would keep them from being overlords or any attempt to bring them under civilian control. This is the situation we are in. They have set themselves up as an authoritarian control over the civilian governments as an occupying force.

      We have an authoritarian want to be government in the White House backed by an authoritarian DOJ head. They see these police groups as kindred spirits willing to enforce the same wishes as the white house. The racist authoritarian White House loves racist authoritarian police forces.

      So against all laws, against all norms, when the civilian authorities in these cities with protests declined the offer of the federal government’s intervention, the police departments / unions wrote to ask and invite the federal forces in. That is the real scandal. The police departments / police unions in Portland and Seattle wrote to the DOJ asking the federal government to come in and take control away from the civil government which were constraining the authoritarian police. Very scary. The police need have been defunded, disbanded, reconstituted and reminded of who was in charge, but the civilian government has become afraid of the police after the mayor was publicly on video tear gassed. The mayor was attacked by the police on video!

      This is the time we are living in Dennis. The rule of law has broken down and the police have become a gang of thugs trying hard to protect their power, under a criminal president doing the same.

      I am worried my friend, very worried. I have seen articles that this situation could lead to the breakup of the US, the very civil war the cult of tRump wants. The problem is they won’t win, but we all will lose.

      The Republicans have got to come to their senses and realize what this means for the country, but sadly they only care about what it means for their power and bottom line financially. The Republicans are trying hard to protect the electoral college which gives them outsized power, and if it goes so do they. Scare times indeed. Best wishes. Hugs

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            • Hello Nan. Great. Maybe when she hid the metadata she got rid of that also. That seems likely. Sorry. In a few days I will try again with another support person to see if I can fix it. I just can not face it today. If not we will have to live with either the date time issue or the loss of the other things. Hugs

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              • Hello Nan. I wonder if this will work I will look into it in a few days. Thanks for letting me know. They just had to change things, when they worked so well for me. I guess that sounds selfish, as I am sure the changes help some people. They just don’t help me.

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                • Hello Nan. I tried a fix of my own and it did nothing. I don’t want to mess things up so i will wait. And now I am having to hit the post button twice to get it to post. Can I go back to bed now? Hugs

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        • Hello Nan. It is been a heck of a day. Everyone I know is depressed and demoralized. Who would have thought the great experiment in democracy could be so frail.

          Two things I will say. If this doesn’t drive out everyone to vote Biden in person regardless of intimidation and all democrats down ballot, I guess I don’t know what would. Also if the new court strikes down Obamacare / ACA then Biden would have no choice but basically open Medicare For All.

          I admit I am struggling emotionally, as you know this loss of RBG means any of tRump’s nominees getting the SCOTUS means my rights as a US citizen are gone, as the rights of atheists and POC. All of his judges have two things in common, including Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, religion trumps any other right in the US. If there is a conflict between Christian religion and any thing else, Christian religion comes first. Gorsuch wrote the majority decision saying LGBTQ+ discrimination was against the law, but then in that decision he left open the possibility that religion overrides that.

          My chest hurts. I have served my country in two branches of the military, I have been in law enforcement, I am in all ways a good citizen, but I am about to go back to being a second class citizen in my country because Christians want the privilege to claim they think I am icky to them, it is icky what they think I do in the bedroom with consenting adults, and it is icky to them I have a marriage legally equal to their own. All their claims of same sex marriage devaluing marriage and stopping straight people from marrying have not come true so now they are down to the simple Icky factor as we seen from the Kroger heart post.

          “But I don’t want to wear the apron, it has an icky heart on it”. “Those people don’t realize I disapprove of the icky and I am a superior Christian”. “Can I have a I am above you Christian sticker to put over the icky heart”? Such lovely people.


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          • Don’t … I repeat, Do NOT let it get you down, Scottie. Don’t rush to judgment. It may not turn out to be as bad as you think. I know it LOOKS bad, but dwelling on a “bad” outcome won’t change anything and it definitely won’t be good for your mental health.

            A long time ago, I read a book that talked about how our thoughts can affect events. Not sure if it’s true or not, but if so, the more positive the thoughts, the better. Right?

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            • Hello Nan. Thanks but this is not a case where positive thinking can help. We need to look realistically at the people in the congress and the political situation we are in. This is why the people in Hong Kong gave up everything they had to protest, they won some things at first, now with authoritarian China simply giving up pretending they have been taken over and anyone who resisted them are now in prison or forever locked out of their society. We have not heard anything from them for months. All with the blessing of the US government, the bastion of democracy and freedom. Hugs


            • Hello Nan. I have a teeth cleaning appointment this morning and then I am going to make a chocolate cake from scratch. Maybe some baking will help. Yesterday evening Ron and I made home made pizzas to help get our minds off things. Plus it was a good supper. Be well. Hugs


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