CNN: Body camera video shows officer involved shooting of 13-year-old with Asperger’s after mom calls for help

Body camera video shows officer involved shooting of 13-year-old with Asperger’s after mom calls for help
The Salt Lake City Police Department released body camera footage of an officer involved shooting that left a 13-year-old boy who has Asperger’s with multiple injuries.

Read in CNN:

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4 thoughts on “CNN: Body camera video shows officer involved shooting of 13-year-old with Asperger’s after mom calls for help

    • Hello Nan. This is why we need to transfer some of the police budget to social services. These police should have had a professional counselor or child psychologist with them. Even one of the police officers knew this and claimed he did not want to answer the call as he has already judged that the only choice he would have is to shoot the child. It was not in his mind to cautiously evaluate, but he dealt with it as if the boy was a hardened felon with an automatic weapon. The whole system sucks. Did you watch the video, after the police officer unloaded multiple shots into the boy and he has fallen to the ground, the officer is still yelling “show me your hands” over and over. The kid is too badly hurt to comply and weakly says “tell my mom I love her”. The officer did not immediately call for medical assistance, and knowing he would likely shoot a child he should have called for medical assistance first. When the boy stopped running why did the officer not stop chasing the kid and try to calm things down by talking to him. Instead he kept running at a kid he has been told is triggered by cops. This whole thing is the problem as the police have been trained to see everyone and everything as a threat that they need to use deadly force on. I looked at photos of the kid, he had barely started showing the muscle changes of puberty, no chest development, no arm development. In first aid training I would have treated him as a child rather than a teenager. The officer first dealing with him, chasing him was a large burly man. Then the videos show a second large officer while the boy is still on the ground. I looked at the boy on the ground compared to the man standing over him and the second officer and thought why were these big men scared of a barely teen boy with no muscle development? What is inspiring these large men to be so fearful they have to react with deadly force in this case? Hugs


      • From things I’ve read, isn’t LE supposed to use deadly force only if they feel THEIR life is in danger? If someone is running away, how does that qualify? I know they don’t want the “criminal” to get away, but surely taking a person’s life is a bit over-the-top, to say the least.

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        • Hello Nan. When I went through training we were not allowed to shoot anyone running away, even a felon or accused felon, unless we thought they were an immediate danger of harming someone else.

          But police today are trained that if someone doesn’t immediately obey them, if someone disobeys, they need to come down hard on that person with as much force as they can including deadly force so it teaches the lesson not to disrespect the all powerful cops. Somehow the police went from serve and protect to occupy with force. The way police unions and police are acting to the idea of not being able to abuse people is scary and clearly shows what the police are now about. Control of the people, not protect the people. Hugs

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