Pentagon Funneled $1B Meant For COVID Supplies To Defense Contractors, Bought Armor, Dress Uniforms

Pentagon Funneled $1B Meant For COVID Supplies To Defense Contractors, Bought Armor, Dress Uniforms

The Washington Post reports:

A $1 billion fund Congress gave the Pentagon in March to build up the country’s supplies of medical equipment has instead been mostly funneled to defense contractors and used for making things such as jet engine parts, body armor and dress uniforms.

The change illustrates how one taxpayer-backed effort to battle the novel coronavirus, which has killed roughly 200,000 Americans, was instead diverted toward patching up long-standing perceived gaps in military supplies.

The Cares Act, which Congress passed earlier this year, gave the Pentagon money to “prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus.” But a few weeks later, the Defense Department began reshaping how it would award the money in a way that represented a major departure from Congress’s original intent.

Read the full article.

4 thoughts on “Pentagon Funneled $1B Meant For COVID Supplies To Defense Contractors, Bought Armor, Dress Uniforms

    1. Hello Nan. Uhm, this is new and different, and done because tRump got away with moving money wherever he likes, voiding so far the power of the purse given to the House of Representatives in the constitution. You remember that pesky little document the Republicans use to worship until it became inconveniently against everything they wanted to do. They are doing this because the clearly political appointees in charge of every agency have sworn allegiance to tRump and its agenda, enacting things to please him like paying off his rich donors / friends? with money assigned to help the troops. Like rewriting CDC guidelines to maybe suggest protections as long as it doesn’t cost companies money, to the HHS requiring everything done or released.
      by any government agency to be vetted for how closely it matches what tRump has said publicly. We no longer have any independent agencies in the US government i. It is now the government by tRump for tRump, and all hail the tRump. If he gets SCOTUS changed, then US democracy is gone, even if he loses the election he will throw it to SCOTUS, they will give it to him, he will basically be the supreme ruler of the US just as Iran has a supreme ruler over the civilian government. I am so batshit discouraged right now.

      OT. I made scrambled eggs and fried peppers / onions, some baked bacon so we could have egg burritos for breakfast this morning. Hugs


      1. If you haven’t already, be sure and read Heather’s latest newsletter (9/22). It goes along with some of what you’ve said.

        (I do best with a very light breakfast so even though your burritos sound yummy, they wouldn’t set well with me as a day-starter. )

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