4 thoughts on “Trump Rally Goes HORRIBLY WRONG

  • Oh. My.

    Yes, I watched this (I like this guy much, much better than some of the others) — and I’m simply astounded at some of the vignettes of Trump’s idiocy that he spotlighted. If there weren’t at least SOME people in that crowd that didn’t pick up on Trump’s mental hiccups, then they’re a lost cause for sure.

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    • Hello Nan. I think it is clear that reaching these people with anything resembling reason and fact is a loss cause. I read somewhere that they see tRump as an entertainment value. They love his shenanigans, his crudeness, his attacks on reporters and other government leaders / elected officials. To these people it is like going to an HBO comedy special by a poorly rated comic. Hugs

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  • Scottie – I am not nearly qualified to make this diagnosis, but here goes: he’s completely unhinged, his cart has leapt off the rails, and gone careening down the hill, crashing into a truck filled with weasels who have all escaped, while lighting the woods on fire, and now the weasels are seeking refuge up my pant legs while I’m desperately trying to stomp out the flames before it becomes another fucking forest fire, all while he stands there with that goofy look on his face, because he’s gone totally bonkers.

    But don’t bother trying to verify it using the DMS 5; just take my word for it, as I’ve been observing his aberrant behavior for decades now.

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