Trump’s DOJ Threatens To Strip Funds From NYC And Other “Anarchist Cities,” Prompting Cheers From NYPD Unions

But while city leaders and New Yorkers mainly ridiculed the threatened cuts, the move was immediately celebrated by some of the city’s police unions — including the Police Benevolent Association, whose longtime boss Pat Lynch recently endorsed Trump.

Ed Mullins, the president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, also said he that he agreed with the Attorney General’s announcement.

“Barr is correct we are living in criminal anarchy,” he told Gothamist over text message. “People are afraid and the police are unable to protect them.”

Asked if he was concerned about the impact on New Yorkers if the cash-strapped city lost billions in federal funding, Mullins, a Long Island resident, said the ends would justify the means.

“Of course I’m concerned but this will force regular New Yorkers to vote out the people who did this,” he wrote.

From Joe.My.God.,  “Mullins has been involved in multiple racist incidents and has taken to appearing on Fox with a QAnon mug perched within view”.

There is more at the link above.   Notice what the police unions are really doing and saying.   They are acting like no one has the right to control them, and in fact they are refusing to be controlled by civilian authority.    The authorities speak for the local government but the police now think they are the local government or at least equal to it.   The police have become thugs.   Greedy thugs.  The police have become occupying armies, controlling forces for the wealthy status quo.   I am serious, if we do not defund and defang these renegade cops and their unions will will continue to be a police state with only the rights they wish to give us as they will be above the laws.    Hugs

10 thoughts on “Trump’s DOJ Threatens To Strip Funds From NYC And Other “Anarchist Cities,” Prompting Cheers From NYPD Unions

  • Scottie, we must view the world like Trump does to understand what he does. Everything is a prop. He is a person of no ideals, nor does he respect a person with ideals. He is a salesperson looking for props to sell with. This is a prop. The cities will sue and unless he can support the case, it will stop.

    The wall was a prop. Defund the police is a prop. The Israel deal with two countries it was already on good terms with is a prop. His taking credit for an economy that was already doing pretty good is a prop. The truth does not matter, especially when it is subtle and does not fit on a bumper sticker. What people need to do is shine spotlights on his failings – COVID-19 mishandling and 200,000 plus deaths, our declining reputation around the world, taking us out of the Paris accord, putting children in cages at the border….Those are also props, but true.


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    • This — our declining reputation around the world is one of the biggies, yet his supporters have been so convinced that putting America first is the prime goal, they’re unable to see how important it is and how it could affect the U.S. for years to come.

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      • Hello Nan and Keith. tRump is talking whitewashing history, trying to teach kids the US was never wrong, always right, always the best at everything, saved the world, is universally admired, should rule the earth. His cult adults already believe this. This is horseshit and it is not real patriotism. It is what Putin did in Russia to make sure the people did not look at other countries to see what they could have if greed by the country leaders were not stealing all the money. Don’t look at the good toys those countries have, keep your eyes in our own yard and think about how great that dirt is. Hugs

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    • Hello Keith. I am discouraged. The ones who need to understand what you wrote won’t hear it and even if shown to them wont believe it. The ones who understand it already know it. The normal media is busy playing botherism while SPTV is feed the base cult members a steady diet of lies backing up everything the Dear Leader farts out. The article in the Atlantic took the wind out of all my sails. I am really worried now. Hugs

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    • Hello Nan. Yes I know. I think it is because I had them hide the date time. I guess in a day or two I will switch to 2016 even if I dislike the way it shows quotes. I am at a loss as to what other themes to check and dealing with support to keep changing things seems to gain two steps forward and one backward. Maybe I am just tired. I am going to lay down. Hugs


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