Very clear what the blocking felons from voting is about.

Florida Republicans: “No voting right for felons. Stop asking why most of them are people of color.”

Florida voters: “We’re restoring voting rights to all felons who’ve done their time!”

FL GOP: “Not so fast. They have to pay their fines, fees, and any restitution.”

GOP-majority SCOTUS: “Not Jim Crow, nosiree, not a poll tax. This is perfectly fine.”

(insert dog in flaming room “This is Fine” gif)

Ex-felons: “What if we can never afford it, in large part because we can’t get jobs as ex-felons.”

FL GOP: “Not our problem.”

Ex-felons: “At least tell us how much we owe and to whom we have to pay it.”

FL GOP: “No. And if you register to vote, you’ll be charged with more felony crimes.”

Ex-felons: “Then how are we supposed to ever get our right to vote back?”

FL GOP: “Not our problem. Can’t you take a hint?”

Bloomberg: “I’ll raise millions to pay the fines at least for those we can identify. You’ll get your voting rights back in time for this election.”

FL GOP: “NOW WAIT A DAMNED MINUTE! The whole point was to make sure millions of people-of-color, especially Black Americans, never get to vote again.”

News media: “You just said the quiet part out loud again. This is all just another Jim Crow law under another name and the same old justification. Intentionally racist discrimination.”

FL GOP: “Yes. We don’t care. The South African Boers had the right idea.”

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