4 thoughts on “Liberal Redneck – America After RBG

    • Hello Keith. I think there is a real skill to being able to do a good diatribe. I have tried and I can not do it. There is a young man in Texas I watch who does them walking around his house. He is spot on, never stumbles, never flubs his words and he does it all on his phone so it is not edited. I would post more of his stuff but while cuss words do not bother me they do bother other people and he uses a lot of them. But I love the cadance he uses, and it really makes his points shine. Did you ever watch Keith Olbermann? He could do a really good diatribe, but I am sure his were scripted. Still they were really good. Hugs


    • Hello Keith. On cursing, some people can pull it off and make it funny or help their point. Some people just sound stupid when they do it. A good point of this was one of the original Star Trek movies where Kirk and crew go back in time to modern day USA to get whales. Kirk starts to use swear words, such as “double dumbass on you”. It sounds normal. But when Spock tries to swear it comes off forced and out of place. Kirk tells him not to try to do it. It was funny. https://youtu.be/JfCpDQKHcUw

      Keith I have never been one for banning words, even offencive ones. Words alone have no power, only the meanings we give them. That also changes over time. Yes words can hurt and cause emotional harm, but only as much as we are willing to give them. I prefer to take that power away from the words. When I was in my early teens the word queer was extremely scary, being called that was horrible, and in my late teens and young adulthood the word faggot was a fighting word. Now as an adult secure in my own identity neither word means much to me beyond what the dictionary description of what they mean. Words only have the power we give them. The word ass was a swear word when I was a kid, yet why? It is simply a made up taboo. Have you ever listened to George Carlin’s rant on swear words? You should look it up. My favorite line was ” You can prick your finger, but don’t finger your prick”. Hugs


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