Seattle Cop Runs Over Protester’s Head

The police are not even trying to hide their disdain and hate for those they want to rule over.  The police are proving the point that they are brutalizing and abusing the public.  It is a right to protest, but the police don’t like it, so they hurt people, they lash out in anger.  Is this serve and protect, or is it a occupying armed force in a police state.   Don’t tell me it is just a few bad apples, every officer there who did not arrest the cop who did this is just as guilty.  You don’t have the right to run over someone’s head, but they do?   Hugs

8 thoughts on “Seattle Cop Runs Over Protester’s Head

  • I guess my question is what was the protester doing laying in the street like that? Was he sick? Injured? Passed out? None of that is covered in any of the news reports I read. Very strange.

    Nonetheless, WHATEVER the reason, there is simply NO excuse on the part of the cop. He couldn’t help but see him!

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    • Hello Nan. I am struggling to deal with this. The out right brutality is getting to me. I watched TV yesterday, did not sleep last night, struggled on and off today to deal with the news. But the damndest thing is on the show I was watching on of the police turns out to be a bad guy killer. It is so accepted in our culture that cops are going to be bad and abuse people it is a damn TV plot commonly used. I feel so disturbed right now. Hugs


      • I would say … “Walk away, Scottie. Walk away.” … but I know how difficult that is when the news is constantly “in your face.” Even if you didn’t have your existing set-up, it screams at you from TV screens, newspapers, Twitter, etc., etc.

        I do understand. It’s EXTREMELY frustrating when there’s little to nothing the average individual can do. Sure, there’s “The Vote,” but that’s weeks away — bedsides, we’re facing even MORE concerns about that!

        P.S. Maybe you should limit your TV watching to Disney movies!!

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        • Hello Nan. I really like you, but other than the Ice Age movies I am not really into that sort of thing. I do admit those strike me as funny.

          Nan I am worried. I am seeing the police openly abuse people, I am seeing the military heads say tRump is a danger, I am reading news report after news report that tRump and crew intend to do criminal acts to not honor the vote. Not just they want to steal the election, nor do the normal Republican rigging the election, which for some reason we just accept as normal now, but that they simply won’t accept the way the country votes. That is serious Putin and other dictator bullshit. And it is not just that tRump feels that way, but that Barr is helping him, that they feel if he can get it to the SCOTUS with one more whacked out religious judge they also will void the constitution. The fact so many Republicans are willing to be traitors to the constitution to use tRump install religious theocracy in the US scares the spinal fluid out of me. I have looked at it every way possible for me, I have looked at the smaller races, and I have to ask when the hell did the “Republican” party become so centered on god above all else in the US. While the rest of us were busy tangling with the Tea Party who were totally organized and paid for by the Koch brothers, the religious people moved in and set up shop.

          Nan I spend most of my life fighting for equal rights as a gay man. We finally started to get there. Other countries have long been there. tRump is demanding an illegal cut of 5 billion from the Tic Tok sale to create a fake history lesson to indoctrinate kids that the US has always been perfect and like in Russia there are no real LGBTQ+ people. Again the goal of these people is to wipe out all of the gains of the last 70 years for any equality, for women, POC, or LGBTQ+ .

          They want to wipe out all gains in equality for women, POC, or LGBTQ+.

          Also the religious groups have raised huge amounts of money to enshine their doctrines in the US laws. They have people like Bartlet who is not even an accredited historian claiming the US is Christian nation and that is now being taught in schools In Texas and other southern states and in most homeschool material. It is used by US governemnt officials like Sec. Of State Pompeo who claims that the US is a Christian nation founded on Christian principles. He just gave a speech to the UN with that message. If you read what these people preach it is that the founding fathers went to war with the English king over religion! Never mind taxation without reputation, it was all about God and the correct god.

          I hope I am misreading what the current status of the nation is Nan, but I am really worried. Not just for this election but for the decades to come. The school system has been defunded and screwed over, the judges tRump and McConnell have put on lifetime appointment to the courts are all hyper religious nuts who buy into this crap and who rule not according to law but their faith.

          I am worried and distressed and the more I read / watch the more I worry. I have twice tried to go to bed today with no sleep. Ron is telling me he is going to dose me with melatonin to get me to sleep. Hugs


          • I sent you an email on this issue … but let me add this. There’s essentially nothing you can do to change things except VOTE (of course, you already know this). Some people think writing your senator or representative will help … and maybe it used to … but personally, I’m not so sure anymore.

            I know the gay marriage issue is a biggie for you, but it’s NOT doing you any good to worry and fret and lose sleep and mess up your health. IF it happens (and I think there will be a B.I.G. fight if they try), that will be the time to deal with it.

            Please, Scottie. You simply MUST NOT let this ruin your health. Ron needs you. And even more than Ron … the CATS need you! 🐈🐈

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            • Hello Nan. I did take your advice and did some things I do enjoy. I baked a cake from scratch today. I dumped and reinstalled all the programs on my video computer, and am in the process of dumping my blogging computer. That one takes longer as it has two drives. Ron asked me to tell you I am also doing one of my other favorite things, bugging him. 😀😁

              Ron is painting the little bathroom. A slightly darker blue ( still light ) on the bottom 35 inches, and a lighter blue on top. When I was baking the cake he kept coming out to tell me how good it smelled. I wonder if he will try to take some before I frost the two rounds.

              Ron bought a bunch of stuff to make spaghetti sauce today. I think that was a hint.

              I admit I have not given up the news entirely, I am just not focusing on it. I am jonesing like a junkie to go to the news sites, but so far have not done so. I guess it will not ruin humanity if I take a few days off.

              Tomorrow I have to fix the blog and I am at a loss as to what to pick. Each one I looked at had things wrong with them. But I have learned so much can be done with the CSS that if I can get close to the old blog chances are that with CSS it can be fixed up to work.

              On same sex marriage, they say that they will invalid only new marriages in states that don’t accept them, red states. Which means states that do accept them we will be married in those states, and in states that don’t we won’t. So as Florida is a red state, looks like Ron and I may have to move.

              Have a good day. Hugs


              • Glad to hear you’re doing as I suggested!! (Note: Be sure to tell Ron that bugging him wasn’t included. 😆)

                Re: the marriages … I really don’t see how they can exclude certain states. But I suppose if the Supreme Court changes or eliminates the existing law, it could become a more “local” issue. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

                I’m proud of you for “denying yourself”!! I feel confident that you WILL benefit from the break!

                Enjoy the spaghetti … 😉

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                • Hello Nan. Basically with same sex marriage and abortion if the SCOTUS over turns the law that mandates the nation wide right, it reverts to the states to regulate. You end up with one national law basically for opposite gender married couples, and 50 different rules / laws for same gender couples. Same for abortion, each state will create their own laws. So states like California and Massachusetts nothing will change. But in red states it will be illegal. Before The national right to marry Ron and I could have been married in one state and drive across state lines and be just roommates with no legal rights. In Texas the state legislatures passed laws that will come back stripping same gender marriages of most legal rights making them meaningless.

                  The spaghetti was great, and so is the cake. Hugs

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