12 thoughts on “Anderson Cooper: Why the lie Trump is pushing matters

  • Trump says the only way he’ll lose the election is if it’s rigged. Is he forgetting that basics that there are more Democrats that Republicans and their votes alone would be enough to kick him out of office.Personally feeling that Trump being in power is damaging America in he eyes of the World as well as killing Americans off with Covid 19 is excuse enough for the Armed Forces to go in and depose him hopefully before serious charges are brought against him for his leadership.

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    • Hello David. I was reading this morning that the DOD has been quietly talking with each other about what to do after the election if tRump tries to use the insurrection act to force the military in to the street in areas against the governors wishes. The law is about 200 years old. If he makes the order the military leaders couldn’t claim it is an illegal order. So the question is how hard will the push back? I really do not want the US to get use to the idea of the military taking over the government. Hugs

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  • Scottie, people need to be candid. “Mr. president, you will lose the election because you will get fewer votes as the polls suggest you will. I recognize you may still win, but it amazes me the president of the United States is going out of his way to call into question the voting process, rather than doing his best to reassure us. In and of itself, this paints you in a as bad a light as you can. Your sycophants who support this narrative of lies are acting as badly as you are behaving. You are currently president, so try to act like you are.” Keith

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    • PS – Taking the above one step further, Trump’s mentor was Roy Cohn, who also advised Senator Joseph McCarthy (I do not make this up). Cohn told Trump two pieces of advice – never apologize and sue everyone. Take it to the bank, Trump will sue if he loses. If you think I am all wet, his campaign has already engaged a national law firm.

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      • Hello Keith. You are correct, and have no fear I would think you would make anything up. You are like me, I love facts. They are pesky things. They have no ideology, they have no religion, they simply are. One of the things I admire about you is in the age of hyper partisanism, you do not engage in wild assignation of your political foes, but instead use facts and figures. That is something I try to do, use the facts. I think if you don’t use the facts what you are saying is something people should ignore, like what tRump spouts.

        Yes tRump learned from Cohn but before that was a bully and his fathers moto was also to never admit wrong doing, never apologize and never back down. According to Marry Trump that was a sign of weakness that tRump’s father couldn’t accept. Hugs


    • Hello Keith. You are still not really getting the point. The point for Republicans has long been to win at any costs. They know they are a minority in the country and it is getting worse for them, they are losing numbers. If they believed in democracy they would agree they need to reach out to more people. Instead they go the other way, voter suppression and election rigging.

      As for what tRump is doing he has made it clear. He doesn’t want the votes of the people counted. He wants there to be as much doubt and chaos as possible so that the election can be thrown to the courts, which he thinks he has stacked in his favor. He also is planning in PA and a few other places to get the state legislature to pick the electors not the voters by again saying the votes are fraudulent. All his fraud talk is about sowing doubt about the vote so there is an excuse to challenge the votes against him. As for acting like a president, that would defeat tRump’s whole plan and purpose for undermining the entire US government and becoming a ruler for life tyrant. Hugs


      • Scottie, do not be mistaken, I get your point. I am throwing out arguments for people who may still listen. We can call Trump and McConnell what they are, but they do not care. With power, they feel they can do whatever they want. And, with Trump, the old line is relevant, if you go after the king, you better get him. He feels he is most invulnerable after a perceived win. Keith

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        • Hello Keith. I am stunned at the shamelessness of tRump, McConnell, and all the Republicans. They can not be shamed! You play their words back to them and they laugh it off. They don’t care. I think that is because of all the gerrymandering and election rigging. They no longer feel they are to serve the people, they feel they are to serve the wealthy. Hugs


          • Scottie, the only way to show McConnell, Trump, Graham, et al their position is flawed is to beat them. The issue of health care is one the Democrats can play up. If Trump wins, it is possible, the ACA will get hobbled and maybe go away. One party has tried to make sure health care is available while the other party has done everything in their power to prevent people from having health care. The following are true statements, that the GOP does not want people to know:

            Senator Marco Rubio killed 89% of a reimbursement to insurers for adverse selection under the ACA, which was used by the Medicare Part D roll-out under Bush. This increased premiums for Americans and drove some insurers out of the market.
            Donald Trump eliminated funding of a subsidy to insurers to provide co-pays and deductibles to people with less income (making less than 2 1/2 time the poverty limit and then lied about its impact. This increased premiums for Americans and increased the deficit by $10 billion per annum.
            Not expanding Medicaid in fourteen states has hurt state economies, rural hospitals and people in poverty.

            These are real facts. People must be aware of these facts when they vote. Keith

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  • This Anderson Cooper broadcast is probably the most vital message for our voting public. I would add that it should be a viewing assignment for all public school kids that requires a response. It is that important.

    In ten short minutes, Cooper pulls off a brilliant and scathing expose of Republican hypocrisy. By simply asking the obvious and logical question: When have we NOT had a “free and fair” election? He makes it clear that the Trump camp is currently and brazenly attempting the first “restricted and unfair” election in American history.

    Thank you so much, Scottie, for posting this. I’m reblogging on my site.

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    • Of course we’ve had free and fair elections! But the cult leader can’t WIN if things are done freely and fairly. So like everything else he’s done during his presidency, he makes up stuff that will personally benefit HIM.

      There’s no doubt he talks a good talk (when he isn’t on drugs), but that’s one of the “attributes” of shysters.

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    • Hello Paul. I love it, I feel good I posted something you found worthy to use. It makes feel I am doing good work. Thank you. It stuns me we have an AG that out right lies to protect his Dear Leader. Lies so transparent that even his own department wouldn’t back him up. Hugs

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