Armed Covidiot Arrested For Menacing Target Staffers

What the hell is wrong with these people?   Wearing a face mask is not a life threatening event, so why do they think pulling a weapon after being questioned about it is reasonable?  It is not .  What they are trying to do is intimidate people not to question them.   Where do they get that idea?   From their Dear Leader.    Hugs

Armed Covidiot Arrested For Menacing Target Staffers

Toledo’s ABC News affiliate reports:

A dispute over wearing a mask escalated and a local couple is calling for a Target employee to be fired for allegedly denying them service for not wearing masks. The couple was charged, but not for violating the governor’s mask mandate.

Matthew and Heather Nicolai will head back to court this month. The family claims they have medical issues and can’t wear a mask. According to body cam video, the Target employees never denied the family service.

Sheriff deputies were called after Matthew Nicolai, who was open carrying a weapon, allegedly threatened the employees. He was arrested and charged with menacing and other charges. His wife is also charged in the case.

Video of the incident is at the link.

The comments at the link are interesting.   I am tired of these over privileged assholes.   I might have some sympathy but every test and study says they are wrong about a mask interfering with their breathing , it is only in their minds, and every damn study shows it slows down the spread of a deadly virus.   So screw them.   Hugs

10 thoughts on “Armed Covidiot Arrested For Menacing Target Staffers

  • First off — their reasons for not wearing a mask are bull-shit!

    Wearing a mask is not going to affect a person’s “PTSD.” If it does, then that person probably shouldn’t even be out shopping. “Lung issues” is extremely vague, and the fact that she has “bronchitis”? If it’s severe enough that she would have a bad coughing spell while wearing a mask, then she shouldn’t be out shopping either.

    My other-half not only wears a mask, but it’s an N-95 mask to protect him from idiots like this!

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    • if it’s that big a problem, why not wear a bandana, and dangle it over the lower half of the face. That way it blocks droplets but you can breathe easier? Oh, never mind, it’s the principle of the thing.

      I’m sick of folks pulling a gun over face masks–and they wonder why some liberals scream about “gun control.” These folks don’t even have “self-control” down!

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      • Hello Chatty Introvert.

        I also am sick of these anti-maskers and all of these anti science people. What does it take to convince people to have a bit of responsibility for the society / community they live in. How to convince people that far right science denying Facebook pages are not true and are working against their best interests. Hugs


    • Hello Nan. I agree. If they have bronchitis then she should be home under treatment. I have spend 12 hour shifts wearing both masks and full protective gowns to treat patients in the ICU’s. What is with these fuck nuts. Surgeons routinely work 12 to 16 hours a day when they book an operating room and they wear the masks. Has sanity totally left the US? Hugs

      Things are getting worse in Florida even as the Governor refuses to admit it. Ron met with some of his hospital co-workers, all socially distancing and wearing masks. They said the hospital is full. Yet Ron DeSantis approves this.



        • Hello Nan. I want to know the gain he gets from opening the state up and even begging for visitors and tourist? I know the state is struggling very badly with lack of revenue and has no money for even paying the unemployment claims. With congress not helping the people nor the states, that may be why he is pushing to open up. Or is it something else? Hugs


          • With congress not helping the people nor the states …

            Isn’t it interesting that this is essentially what the conservatives want? For the states to be free and independent from Big Government? They want to run things on their own … UNTIL and UNLESS they need help. Then they want Big Bad Government to step in and help them out. Two-faced idiots.

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            • Hello Nan. The Republicans are back to being willing to talk with Democrats on more stimulus help. Why? Because the news is out this morning a lot of red state hospitals are near capacity and any surge will put them over. Most are looking to add Covid areas in their hospitals. The red states, and tRump voters are now starting to suffer badly, lose jobs and housing. So since tRump is threatened by this, his congressional Kool Aid drinkers will now move to help where for months they refused. They were willing to let blue states and more Democratic voting areas suffer, but they want to protect their self interests. Hugs

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  • I don’t understand. If you have these kinds of medical issues, why aren’t you having your stuff delivered to the house? I know Target delivers. Everyone delivers nowadays. This is just assholes trying to “make a point”.

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    • Hello Polly. Exactly! You are perfectly correct. This is not about them shopping maskless really, it is about them showing everyone how defiant they can be and get away with it. As I said before these anti-science cult of tRump members run on emotion. They really enjoy the emotional high they get when they can rage and storm. They love to be rude, crude, and socially unacceptable because in their minds it makes them superior. In reality it shows them to be the insufferable jerks they have always been. Hugs

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