Brian Brown On SCOTUS: This Is Our Chance To Ensure That LGBT Rights Will “No Longer See The Light Of Day”

I feel so loved.   I have long wondered what happened in this man’s life that he hates gay people so much.   Some have said he is just using it to grift, to get money from people.   But I think it is more than that.   He has gone to other countries to try to get laws enacted against gay people, he really does hate LGBTQ+ people.   

Brian Brown On SCOTUS: This Is Our Chance To Ensure That LGBT Rights Will “No Longer See The Light Of Day”

Via email from hate group leader Brian Brown:

It is absolutely imperative that we mount an unprecedented effort to ensure that this justice is confirmed without delay.

I’m asking you to make a sacrificial financial gift to NOM right now so that we can immediately deploy a comprehensive pressure campaign aimed at holding Republican Senate votes to confirm President Trump’s pick to the Supreme Court.

This is a moment that could pay decades of dividends for all the issues we care about. We’ve never had a bigger opportunity to advance our cause. Will you be with us at this historic moment?

The left has gone absolutely berserk at the prospect of President Trump naming another justice to the Supreme Court. They are threatening the country with total chaos, including violence. Already they’ve gathered their allies with Antifa to harangue GOP Senators at home. They’ve threatened arson attacks on Congress.

This is the Supreme Court nomination that could finally bring us a reversal of Roe v Wade and usher in a pro-life majority on the Court. It could also pave the way for the restoration of marriage to our laws and scrapping the illegitimate, anti-constitutional imposition of same-sex ‘marriage’ on the nation.

It will mean that religious liberty will be restored to its rightful place as a foundational constitutional right, and that the fake “rights” that are constantly demanded by the left – including special rules for homosexuals and the so-called transgendered – will no longer see the light of day.

You can be certain that LGBT extremists will be doing everything in their power to block this confirmation. It’s imperative that we be on the front lines fighting for control of the Supreme Court by demanding that Republicans support President Trump’s nominee.

History is counting on us at this critical moment. I pray with all I have that you will help make this moment the point in time where the direction of our nation was forever changed back to the “one nation under God” that has been so blessed throughout our country’s existence.

Please donate generously. I pray that every NOM supporter will discuss with their spouse and family what financial sacrifice they can make to help ensure that we meet this momentous moment in time. It’s that important.

4 thoughts on “Brian Brown On SCOTUS: This Is Our Chance To Ensure That LGBT Rights Will “No Longer See The Light Of Day”

  • Scottie, MLK said it takes a lot of energy to hate people. Bigotry from so-called leaders, ministers, etc. is just a disservice to people who listen to them. While all these are important, this judge will get confirmed, unfortunately. Hypocrites don’t care – so Graham and McConnell will lead the way to get it done.

    Yet, the key issue to hammer home is access to health care. One party wants to protect it, one has spent seven years trying to take it away. Here is the letter I sent to several papers and will send out soon.

    “The truth matters. Actions matter. Four years ago, Trump said we had to wait and see his healthcare plan. None existed and still does not. Three years ago Trump cut payments to insurers to fund their payment of co-pays and deductibles for ACA members making less than 2 1/2 x the poverty rate and then lied about its impact – it actually increased premiums and the deficit per the CBO.

    After the election, SCOTUS will be hearing a case to rule on the constitutionality of the ACA premium subsidy after Republicans stripped away the coverage mandate, which would severely hamper the law and may lead to its end. The White House chose not to defend the law. The ACA impacts both exchange and employer benefits, three key provisions of which are allowing pre-existing conditions, requiring guaranteed renewability and requiring wellness doctor visits not be subject to deductibles.

    Sadly, beyond the nay-saying, there has been more sabotage of the ACA which increased premiums (Google Marco Rubio and risk corridors), repeal and replace efforts which were fortunately defeated, and fourteen states (including NC and SC) who still have not expanded Medicaid, a key part to help people in poverty. Health care coverage access is a major issue this coming election so says this retired benefits consultant, benefits manager and former actuary.

    Eliminating the ACA which which may impact over 200 million Americans (including the ACA requirements on employer plans) is unwise in my view, in general. But, doing so in the middle of a poorly handled pandemic by the White House with over 200,000 and growing American deaths, is plain asinine and mean-spirited.”

    If people are made aware of this, they may not be as eager to bang on the kill the ACA drum. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. Nice letter. Maybe if it is printed in the paper and some of his cult reads them they may see it, they may even think on it. Sadly that number will be few. The reason is most of his cult who need to see this information only read far right fawning over the Dear Leader Facebook posts and far right media such as SPTV. I have never understood the Republican hate of the people having healthcare. At first I felt it was racism against Obama. But the Republicans have had four years to put their white names all over it with minor changes like tRump did with the NAFT trade deal. Then I figured the problem really is profit. But the insurance and medical providers make more money with the ACA than with out it. So what really is the dislike of giving medical care to the people? I think it is religion, really. There are some very large religious groups trying hard to corner the market of medical care providing in a lot of areas. Everything from hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, everything controlled by the doctrines and dogma of the religious sect. The ACA would interfere with giving medical care based on the view of a 2000 year old book. Hugs


      • Scottie, thanks. I just emailed it to my weekly email distribution of about 200 folks. Do you want me to forward it to you for routing? This is one reason why I wanted Dems to say let’s study National Healthcare as it has pros and cons. They already had a strong hand n health care, which should be played up. What disgusts me about this SCOTUS case on the ACA is the GOP changed the rules during a budget vote and because of the change they made are saying the whole law is unconstitutional. In other words, they shut down one engine in mid air and said “see the plane can’t fly.” This needs to be highlighted along with Trump and Rubio’s shenanigans that screwed Americans to win a political point. Keith

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        • Hello Keith. I am not sure what you mean for routing? It is here in your comment if anyone wants to use it.

          The whole case against the ACA is flawed and was started because of bigotry against the black man. It is based on a Heritage Foundation plan instituted in Massachusetts by Mitt Romney. But that still couldn’t get the racists behind it. In truth it is a total cooperate giveaway. It enshrines profit and greed into the US health system. It is a dying dinosaur that shows why it is a problem to have all these 65 plus year old’s, most of them in their upper 70’s and lower 80’s in charge. Keith for profit medical coverage in the US is going to die. It is going away. Even the major medical associations now agree, the very ones against it when the Clintons tried to reform it, are for it now, as it has gotten too greedy. Anyone 50 and below can see this. Anyone 40 and below are willing to work for it. Biden wants to further enshrine it into law, to make even larger cooperate profits. During the debate he stressed that there is no real public option, just a way to cover more people by Medicaid. But for the hundreds of millions of poor US people who are not poor enough for Medicaid and still too poor for medical care their is still no help. That is the farce of this. I still say it is because ACA requires things large religious organizations trying to take over all medical care in the US are against, and that is why the Republicans are trying to kill it. Hugs


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