Capitol Ministries’ Ralph Drollinger Expands Right-Wing Bible Studies Within Trump Administration

Capitol Ministries’ Ralph Drollinger Expands Right-Wing Bible Studies Within Trump Administration 

Earlier this week Right Wing Watch reported ​that Drollinger called elections a “spiritual battle” and said that only “mature” Christians are ideal candidates for public office. As RWW noted:

In previous writings, Drollinger has demonstrated little respect for Christians who interpret the Bible differently than he does. He has called the “social Gospel” that motivates millions of liberal American Christians “a perversion of scripture” and “not Christianity whatsoever!” He has called Catholicism “one of the primary false religions of the world.” He urges public officials not to take part in “syncretistic” events like the National Prayer Breakfast, arguing that by participating in events that combine different forms of belief, attendees invite God’s wrath rather than his blessing.

In “Oaks in Office,” his handbook for public officials, Drollinger wrote that “the critical and preeminent duty of the Church in an institutionally separated society” is “to evangelize and disciple—to Christianize—the leaders of the State and its citizenry.”

Trump administration officials have helped Drollinger raise money for the group, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has opened doors to help Drollinger set up shop in foreign governments.

Notice how they are now pushing this militant Christianity on not just department head leaders, but now on their subordinates.   The DOD just announced that officers can preach and share their faith with young enlisted, regardless of what the religious faith of the enlisted the officers are pushing Christianity on.   Do you see how Christian religious people have not only crept into government but are not happy unless they can force their doctrine on others.   It is not about their faith, their religious rights, it is about forcing others to worship the same god and obey the same religious rules they do.   Welcome to their golden dream, a theocracy.   I have read people calling them the US Taliban.    Hugs

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