11 thoughts on “Interesting idea

      • Hello Nan. Like me you would have to move. Hopefully the red state Jesus lovers would be so happy to see us go they would pay for us to emigrate. I just feel bad for their future LGBTQ+ kids who they are sure wont be that way with out us older recruiters ( for those Republicans here that is a joke, you can not recruit someone to the LGBTQ+ ) Years ago when I was in my early 20’s I read a book where the Florida Key’s had been sealed off from the mainland US and people there had the right to be LGBTQ+ while the oppressively religious goons had taken over the US and made any LGBTQ+ illegal and worthy of death. Yes it was a cheesy hack book, but for a 20 year old in 1989 it was a grand read. Hugs

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    • Hello Jeff. You do not know how much I do also. My marriage and rights would be respected, people would respect science, I could get a better education, and just the people are more reasonable about everything. Plus the standard of living is better. How the hell do people in this country think we are #1 and the best at everything when other people have a better standard of living and paid for healthcare? I really don’t get the delusion. Love you. Hugs

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    • Hello Ospreyshire. I am stunned that a minority of people in this country let their emotion, hate, and religion rule over their claimed love for our country. They don’t love our country, they want to destroy it, then replace it with their version of a white ethnostate / theocratic single Christian religious sect country. For years there has been talk of California breaking away and several southern states claim they want to try to leave and form the confederacy again. It is not possible as the legal system is today, but regional compacts such as the E.U. are possible. California, Orgon, Washington state could join mutual pac’s to create economic blocks that would have huge influence over the the legal system / federal government. I expect the smaller New England states to join together also. I think the only ones that wont do it is the upper Midwest that are large states with very small populations. What do you think? Hugs

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      • Hello, Scottie. I can definitely see that argument with people using religion as a cover for hatred. I didn’t hear about those things with the various states trying to secede from America. It’s something I didn’t think about when it comes to having groups of states having mutual pacs. I would have to do my own research in that subject.

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  • Sidenote: We have some Trump idiots who want to redraw the boundary lines of some of the counties in the southern part of Oregon and annex them to Idaho. Why? Because they’re Trump idiots! And what’s even worse, they were able to gather enough signatures that it will actually be on the ballot! I think saner minds will prevail, but ya’ never know …

    Fortunately, there are several steps involved before it could actually happen, but the very fact that such an action is being put forth is mind-boggling.

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    • Hello Nan. Please read my comment to Ospreyshire on this post and let me know what you think. Thanks. As for what you wrote, wasn’t there a state legislator that wanted to form a Christian warrior state? I posted something about it a few years ago. Hugs


      • I’m not as “up” as you on many issues, Scottie. As I’ve mentioned before, for years I was only remotely interested in things related to the political world, so this move to form a Christian state or similar proposals is new to me — although DEFINITELY not surprising.

        I suppose in some ways, if the conservatives had their way and everything was run by the “states,” it might actually be a good thing. They could set up “their” states any way they wanted with no restrictions on guns, abortions would be forbidden, women would be subject to the husbands, Sunday services would be mandatory (or Saturdays in the case of the Adventists), they could vote to spend the state’s money any way they wanted, etc., etc.

        At the same time, the “socialists” could live in states that cared about others and were run as true democracies.

        Of course, such a scenario does away with the idea of the “United” States of America.

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        • Hello Nan. Well said. Yes it violates everything our founding fathers wanted to create. Nan one thing if I may. You say you are not as “up” on things as I am. I simply don’t see it that way. I devour news, I wake up in the night and grab my phone beside my bed to read the alert texts. My favorite sites on my computers are news sites.

          However Nan there is a big difference between reading and having the news in your head, and understanding. I go back to one of the most frustrating issues for me and that is the idea of social democracies. Social Democrats. I read the news, I looked over the figures, I investigated the nations who used this model. I could only see benefits. However you seen something I could not see with all I was reading, peoples emotions. How things were different for the people you knew, your age group, and something I was totally over looking, emotional history.

          My point that just that information with out understanding can lead to wrong judgements.

          I was thinking of this guy. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/12/23/us/matt-shea-washington-extremism.html


          I think you are far more familiar with him than I due to location. But this is the kind of person taking over the US right now under tRump. Yes tRump’s cabinet are more slick about it , but Pompeo and the new court judge are these same type of people. They believe in their religion more than any law, and feel that promoting their religion is far more important that a constitution. This is what really scares me about the new US. God comes first. Hugs


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