Mom of alleged Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse got ‘standing ovation’ at GOP event in Wisconsin

The mother of alleged Kenosha gunman Kyle Rittenhouse got a “standing ovation” at a GOP women’s group meeting in Wisconsin on Thursday night, an attendee of the event tweeted.

“Standing ovation from Waukesha County GOP women for my special guests (John Pierce) and Wendy Rittenhouse, Kyle’s mom,” conservative blogger Michelle Malkin said in a Twitter post. “I was able to talk to Kyle by phone & THANK HIM for his courage!”


Kyle Rittenhouse is the 17-year-old white Illinois resident charged in the shooting deaths of two men at a Black Lives Matter protest in Kenosha on Aug. 25.

His lawyers have claimed he acted in self-defense, styling him as an “American patriot” who was defending both liberty and property.

Videos from the night of the shooting show him armed with a semiautomatic rifle and hanging out with other self-proclaimed vigilantes and militia members on the outskirts of a protest over the Kenosha Police shooting of Jacob Blake, a Black man shot multiple times in the back by a white officer.


“I just killed somebody,” Rittenhouse said after the first shooting, according to cellphone video and prosecutors.

There is more at the link above.   I just watched a guy saying he did not feel tRump supporters were racist.    Really?   Hugs


9 thoughts on “Mom of alleged Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse got ‘standing ovation’ at GOP event in Wisconsin

    1. Hello Nan. I am reading the link. So far this person is full of shit. I wrote a detailed essay post on the Sandmann stunt. I showed how the video shows him moving down and into the path of the Native Indian while his friend he was next to is literally jumping while clapping in enjoyment. Sandmann knew what he was doing, he was a thug kid trying to cause trouble with an old man, and his friends cheered him on.

      As for Kyle Rittenhouse he was not protecting his property, he went across state lines to a community he did not know, was not known in, to join with a group he admired that gave a tough he-man gun toting image of what real men were. He joined them because of what the group represented and that group had already discussed with the police driving the protestors to an area with little cameras so the militia could freely assault them while the police would not intervene. The problem happened that Rittenhouse went to a spot where he was told there was about to be some ass kicking of protestors, needing the militia to stand up to them, ( all of which was illegal for militia members to demand any reason or stop any body from walking through the area as they are not legal law enforcement. ) A guy was walking across the car dealership parking lot, Rittenhouse challenged him , which again Rittenhouse had no right to do, and the guy told him to fuck off. When Rittenhouse used his gun to emphasize his point of demanding the guy stop and give him a reason he was there, the guy threw a plastic baggy at him. No information what was in the baggy has been released. The baggy never hit or went near Rittenhouse, but being startled and primed for violence he took it as an attack and fired a shot ( some reports say several shots ) hitting the guy in the head. That is when others got involved. As Rittenhouse called a friend to claim he shot someone, which I think was rather boasting as that would not have been my first action after blowing someone’s head off. Others gathered around and charged him, Rittenhouse ran. Now an interesting thing about the law, if you committed an illegal act like killing someone you can no longer claim self defense to kill others in that jurisdiction. I did not know that. That is why the defense team for Rittenhouse must destroy his killing the first guy with no justification. That is why the claims of all these felonies for the people Rittenhouse shot which I can not verify. Even if the victims had been convicted of those crimes, it still makes no difference to Rittenhouse’s illegal action.
      Notice the claim is the first guy was a pedophile with a record for raping little boys 5 years old, the worst kind of human … and something that is not true as far as I can find. Again it makes no difference to the crime which Rittenhouse is accused of committing, he took the law into his own hands and by passed the constitutional due process to kill some people. Do 17 year old’s with a gun get to be judge, jury, and executioner? Not in the US I swore an oath to protect. Several times.

      Skyrocketing crime rates in the cities and states they govern, artificially choked off, strangulated economic conditions, cost of living increases, tax increases + add-ons, lost jobs, electricity rationed, wildfires blazing out of control, people dying, going homeless, unfinished infrastructure projects with billions unaccounted for…

      Total bullshit right wing media totally unbacked up by real data. The only thing they got correct was the wildfires due to climate change which they claim is a hoax, how can they try to have it both ways? Do Democrats some how cause fires by being in charge of a state?

      Or vote Democrats out of the offices they occupy and keep them out of the offices they don’t. Help the rest of us vote these motherfuckers out, show them political violence and blatant corruption aren’t acceptable.

      Has this person ever heard of the Proud Boys, the Patriot Prayer movement, the many right wing armed militias Have they seen the many videos of right wing militias attacking peaceful protestors exercising their constitutional right to protest, yes that is a right in the constitution, violently trying to force peaceful people to give up their constitutional rights?

      This person who wrote this doesn’t seem to understand the breakdown of the population in the US. About 30% are tRump supporters. The Republican party is a minority party. It has been for nearly 20 years and it gets smaller every year. The only way they keep power and their seats is to deny citizens their right to vote. That is a fact. Voter suppression is the only way Republicans keep their seats. So ask your self why Republicans are afraid of people voting? It is because they lose, every time. Republicans could fix this by reaching out to more voters, but the truth is they prefer their bigotry and their ideology.

      Everything I have written is backed up by facts. Facts are pesky things, but they are facts. It is a fact the Republican party is a minority and shrinking in the US. It is a fact the Republican party only wins and keeps power by gerrymandering and voter suppression. They are becoming an ever increasing minority in the country. That maybe why they are becoming ever more violent. These people seem to think they are the only “Americans”. They want to deny the rest of us, the majority our citizenship. I served in two different branches of the US military and I refuse to let them claim that. If they want to honor what this country is , what it was founded on, then they have to give all citizens their rights, and the right to vote. In that case the Republicans lose and will continue to lose. Hugs

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    2. Hello Nan. I think you should check his blog I posted the comment I replied to you on, with the cavate that you sent me the link. I wonder what will happen next. How did you find this blog? Do you seek out these sadly uninformed people? Hugs

      By they way: Sorry it took me so long to respond, I was doing laundry, trying hard not to look at news, failing and taking sneak peeks, getting Ron bundled off for a nap after we again talked about totally revising the kitchen design. Gods will it ever be done? Basically trying to admit I have a life out side of my blog.

      Here I can use your or anyone readings help. James, our son, his girlfriend’s birthday is tomorrow, I offered to get her something but she asked if I would make her a dark chocolate peanut butter cookies instead. She loves my breads and cookies I make for them. First I love her for understanding I love to bake for family. I also love her because James does. But I have yet to find a decent recipe and I need to have them made so they can come over this weekend to get them. Hugs


      1. I don’t recall exactly how I found his blog — most likely from someone else’s blog as it definitely isn’t someone I would search out on my own, that’s for sure!! Further, in more cases, I would have just read and moved on — but his comment about “being right on every level” triggered me.

        If he responds to you, there’s little doubt he will attack like a mad dog that’s so typical of Trump supporters.

        Can’t help re: the cookies. As I’ve indicated before, baking and me “split” a looooong time ago. (Wouldn’t you just add dark chocolate chips to the PB cookie recipe?)

        Curious about situation with Ron and family. Please send an update email when you get a chance.

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        1. Hello Nan. One more thing on Rittenhouse. Before he shot the first man he had threatened a black man walking through the same parking lot. He pointed his gun at him and tried to interrogate him on why he was there and what he was doing. The black man told him to leave him alone and kept walking. He told Rittenhouse to either shoot him or go away. He then ignored him. I suspect Rittenhouse then tried the same thing with the guy he ended up shooting first. Hugs


            1. Hello Nan. When this happened I was able to spend a lot more time on the computers and online than lately. I followed ever link, every local and major mews media that was covering it. It got monotonous as many reported the same stuff. But I did notice that some sources started to slew the story. So I had a base to judge them by. So it was not one source but a bunch. It was part of my OCD of wanting to know. Hugs

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        1. Hello Nan. Thanks for the suggest, I looked up the Snopes page and read it over. I agree there was a lot of good information. I really want to know the age of the child victim of sexual abuse by Rosenbaum. My reasoning is sexual abuse of a child is a devastating charge, it can ruin a person just by being accused of it. But Rosenbaum was 18 at the time of this crime. Could this be a case where the Romeo and Juliet laws would have come to play? If he had just turned 18 and was dating a 17 year old and having sex, that is technically a crime of child sexual abuse, but now many states do not see this as a proper use of the law. So I think it is important we with hold judgement until we know more of the circumstances. Hugs


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