Pompeo To Keynote Event For Anti-LGBTQ Hate Group

Pompeo To Keynote Event For Anti-LGBTQ Hate Group

Pompeo is speaking on the invitation of FPPC president John Stemberger, who once famously said that it was “worth dying” to stop same-sex marriage. Earlier this month Gov. Ron DeSantis appointed one of Stemberger’s proteges to the Florida Supreme Court. His group is separate from the Florida Family Association, which is best known here for flying anti-gay banners over Disney World during the annual Gay Days events.

More at the link above.   Worth dying to stop same sex marriage says the guy who it doesn’t effect at all and whose marriage no one threatens.   White Christian Privilege on parade.   Hugs

2 thoughts on “Pompeo To Keynote Event For Anti-LGBTQ Hate Group

  • Hi, Scottie – hey, can we start calling him Ron “Death Sentence” from now on? After all, he’s done more than ANY other gubbernor in these here USA’s to ensure the maximum number of people will die than pretty much anyone else, although the gubs in ND and SD were hot on his heels for a while there.

    I sure hope you & Ron can stay safe, at least until a vaccine that’s been proven safe & effective is developed and distributed. But even then, with tRump & Co buying up billions of doses before they’re even fully-developed, it looks to me as if they’ll be used to reward loyal Hair Füror adherents and (p)sycophants, while the rest of us will be left bereft.

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    • Hello Dennis. Thank you. Ron and I have been fighting back against stupidity here in our park. One lady keeps coming to my house with out a mask because I refuse to go to their homes to fix computer problems, so I make her stay outside and I wearing a mask tell her how to solve her problems. Another elderly lady brought 2 computers over to me to do a factory reset and Ron went out, carried them inside, now this 88 year old woman about to have eye surgery did not wear a mask. Ron and I did. After she got home and healed up and came to get her computers we again wore masks, while she did not.

      Dennis I shared this post with some other people, I wonder what you think? Hugs


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