3 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: tRump is and always has been a fraud

  • Scottie, it is more than tax fraud. His wealth has been artificially inflated. The rebuttal on Trump’s calling this article “fake news” is simple, “OK, Mr. Trump, release your returns and show us where we are wrong.” Or more succinctly, “Put up or shut up.” Keith

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    • Hello Keith. Biden used that line several times during the debate. It got no traction. Simply because people know the truth about tRump now and his supporters don’t care. They still see him as their savior. He get to act the way they try to or wish they could at every family thanksgiving but they get shut down and made the bad guy, while he gets away with it. They want to be able to be the rude asshole who gets to spout shit and others have to take it. They love how tRump treats reporters, they want to treat people that way. They want to talk over them, shout them down , not have them able to argue back. His supporters want their wrong opinions given the acceptance by the general public. tRump thought he would get the same docile treatment at the debate he gets from reporters at the white house, he was wrong. Hugs


      • Scottie, the supporters have bought the illusion. The truth matters not. It starts simple – he created by himself this vast fortune with a $1 million loan from his father. That is not true. He said the economy has as high as 42% unemployment during the campaign, then the day he was sworn it dropped to 5%. Amazing. Yet, the biggest con is one of the most documented liars ever, has convinced his followers that everyone else is lying about him. Keith

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