Ted Cruz blocks pre-existing conditions bill — two days after saying his party would always protect them


Both Cruz and Tillis have repeatedly voted to repeal the ACA, including for the controversial 2017 repeal legislation.

However, in recent months, Republicans have been increasingly on the defensive as Democrats slam them for trying to undo the health care law, whose provisions are wildly popular with voters — spurred on by the upcoming Supreme Court fight to confirm Amy Coney Barrett, who has written law articles critical of previous court decisions upholding the law. Tillis is uniquely vulnerable to the criticism, as he is locked in a tight re-election battle.

Democrats have their own competing and stronger legislation to protect the coverage, which will be voted on in coming days.

I still think the main reason for the Republicans trying to remove provisions in the ACA is due to their effect on large religious based healthcare companies.   Hugs 

10 thoughts on “Ted Cruz blocks pre-existing conditions bill — two days after saying his party would always protect them

  • Scottie, Dems need to hammer home that there is one party clearly thinking of protecting the right to health care for everyone. This pending court case should not be in front of SCOTUS, but it is. And, the ACA could be severely hobbled or ruled unconstitutional.

    Here is the gist. Employers have been pushing for more contract and part-time employees. Why? So, they do not have to provide subsidized health care benefits. It is that simple. So, the ACA allows this workforce to gain access to coverage with some subsidy for those who need it.

    If SCOTUS rules unwisely, then people will be screwed. And, this may include the 200 + million covered by employer plans as the ACA extended key features to those plans – pre-existing condition protection (a huge benefit), guaranteed renewability (a huge benefit), no deductibles for doctor wellness benefits and a limitation on insurer profits and margins (20% of insured plans, 15% for self-insured plans).

    What I have learned over the years, is politicians do not know very much about health care, including Messers. Cruz, Tillis and Trump.


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    • Hello Keith. If the Democrats do well in the election and the ACA goes down, that is a great time to implement some type of Medicare For All. But Keith, what do you think is driving the Republican drive to kill the ACA? Hugs


      • Scottie, the Republican party has spent about ten years nay-saying the ACA. This is in addition to actual efforts to sabotage it by Rubio and Trump and the fourteen states who still have not expanded Medicaid. Rubio and Trump’s actions caused premiums to increase. BCBS of NC said it was geared to have a 0% increase in 2018, but after Trump de-funded reimbursing insurers for co-pays/ deductibles for people making less than 2 1/2 times the poverty rate, BCBS of NC said it would have a 6.6% increase. Not only did Rubio’s action cause premiums to go up, it drove some insurers out of the exchanges lessening competition which also hurt consumers.

        So, to me the Republicans are so far down the path of killing something that is working pretty good (it still needs improvements), they cannot stop. And, it is apparent that Trump has an Obama obsession that he must kill everything that Obama did regardless of its level of efficacy. As a retired benefits consultant and former actuary, what the GOP came up with in 2017 to replace the ACA was god-awful. It was throw against the wall planning. Mind you, I fault Obama for the terrible roll out of the exchanges, but he at least involved Republicans in the planning process (although they were told not to vote for it).

        And, here is the rub. The reason the GOP does not have a plan is the ACA is largely based on a Republican idea set in motion by Mitt Romney for Massachusetts, when he was governor. It worked so well, that Senator Jim DeMint, the leader of the Tea Party advocated its use in writing to President George W. Bush.

        Everything I mention above, including the DeMint piece can be found by Googling. Keith

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  • Scottie, hospitals in states that did not expand Medicaid are ib deep trouble. Many have closed and many have merged with larger entities. The trouble is too much of their revenue is from indigent care, usually north of 50%. So, expanding Medicaid would help pay the bills, help patients and save jobs. It truly is a “no brainer” as former Republican Ohio governor John Kasich said. Yet, helping people, patients and hospitals simply could not be done as it would mean the GOP lied about the ACA. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. Again the Republicans seem to be firmly of the idea that government should only serve the wealthy upper class, and never work for or assist the average person lower class. Well the lower class, lower income, workers in the country have seen this forcefully this pandemic. They are not going to tolerate it. Which is why we see the Republicans scrambling to approve a 2.2 trillion dollar stimulus bill advanced by Pelosi and they are not even including the Republican die hard poison pills.

      As to hospitals. In South Bay / Belle Glade cities in Florida was one of the poorest places in Florida. They had a huge H.I.V. epidemic back in the 80s / 90s. They shared one small hospital that was on the verge of going out. The cities had no revenue because due to bad water supply couldn’t attract businesses. The state Republicans were content to let the people there suffer and die. Then the people in Palm Beach County stepped in. We voted a huge bonding, built a water treatment plant, gave money to the hospital, built clinics, and that triggered an influx of business moving into to the area. So if a place is declining with out services or medical facilities it is almost impossible to attract and keep business. Hugs


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