2 thoughts on “Trump was asked to CONEDMN white nationalists… and he told the Proud Boys to “standby.”

  • Scottie, even worse, he endorsed them. As Janis noted on my latest post called “The racist incumbent in the White House,” this was not a gaffe, which is a mistake. Trump echoed his true nature. It goes without saying, Trump thinks like a sociopath – he would rather tear down a country, than lose. His ego cannot handle it. Keith

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    • Hello Keith I agree. But it is not just his ego, it is also his criminal history is coming to light, and his failed financial status. I can not say how deeply in to the different mobs tRump is now, but I can say for certain that the Mob where he did business / his casinos were deep with mob ties. He often had known mob members at Mar-a-Largo and some even had tRump organization business cards. The mob provided personal security for tRump at times. As more of that comes out he is going to need the power of the presidency and the DOJ to protect himself. Hugs


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