Trump’s Former National Security Advisor Says He Is “Aiding And Abetting” Putin’s Efforts To Ruin Election

Trump’s Former National Security Advisor Says He Is “Aiding And Abetting” Putin’s Efforts To Ruin Election

Politico reports:

Former national security adviser H.R. McMaster said Thursday that President Donald Trump is “aiding and abetting” Russian President Vladimir Putin’s efforts to sow doubt about the American electoral system. The stern warning from McMaster, who Trump handpicked to lead the White House National Security Council in 2017, came in an interview on MSNBC, after he was asked whether he agreed that the president posed the greatest threat to U.S. election integrity.

“I agree that he is aiding and abetting Putin’s efforts by not being direct about this, right? By not just calling out Putin for what he’s doing,” McMaster said. “You know, Putin gets away with, I mean, literally murder or attempted murder … because people don’t call him out on it,” he added. “And so they are able to continue with this kind of fire hose of falsehood, to sow these conspiracy theories. And we just can’t be our own worst enemies.”

We do not want our country to become Russia, yet tRump does.  tRump is both a risk to our national security and a risk to our democracy.    Hugs

3 thoughts on “Trump’s Former National Security Advisor Says He Is “Aiding And Abetting” Putin’s Efforts To Ruin Election

  1. Keith October 2, 2020 / 08:02

    Scottie, it would be nice for these comments to sink in, as there are many people of gravatas saying this. The response from Trump will be some reference to McMaster being “overrated” or “boring,” which was one critique recorded in the book “Fear” by Bob Woodward. Keith

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    • Scottie October 2, 2020 / 08:20

      Hello Keith. It would be great if everyone heard these statements, but people who get their information from propaganda sites won’t. The cult doesn’t care, if told the truth they claim it is fake news. They are not willing to change their views so it is not worth trying. The ones willing to think on real news, on reality already hear this stuff, they know the treat tRump poses to the country is real. This just reinforced that. Having said that I still think it is important to keep getting the information out there. It is for the ones who have to talk back to the cult members with the truth. Hugs


      • Keith October 2, 2020 / 10:30

        Scottie, while you are far more right than wrong, I did read this morning that Republican Voters against Trump are spending $700,000 on billboards in NC with pictures of conservative voters who voted for Trump and are going to vote for Biden in 2020. One said, “I am a conservative, I am a Christian and I am voting for Joe Biden.” Keith

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